Wednesday, June 4, 2008

signing with a modeling agency? Should you do it?

A girl on myspace recently asked me this. I thought it was a great question so I am posing my answer here.

I liked your question. Well, it all depends on whether you think the agency is

Alot of models let the agency be the empowering one, and this is just wrong, you as their soon to be working model, or potential model should be very pick about who you work with.

I work with 5 agencies which I freelance with, no contracts, and since it is commercial print modeling agencies I get great castings and the agency only gets a percent. The agency, many models forget, is only the middle man between YOU and the Client/Brand, magazine and modeling job, so you have to be careful of signing ANY contract.

I just signed a contract for my book with a global publisher! And I had my boyfriend read it and his brother who is a lawyer. It is better to be safe than sorry. In my book called Almost 5'4" I talk alot about my experiences with agencies and working with them, and getting scammed, and a lot of messes, but also I do talk about the excitement in getting with one and so happy to get quality modeling jobs- finally!

I would be weary about signing a modeling contract because what it can mean is that even if you book a job on your own, or thought another agency, the agency your signed with gets a percent since they sort of “ own” your look and modeling jobs.

Once you have shot for some magazines and booked a national ad campaign for any product then maybe. But still you should ALWAYS be in control of yourself and your goals and dreams.

It might feel cool to be owned and feel special, but it makes me a bit weary honestly.

Also there are ways to find your own modeling work. Here are some tips from my modeling blogs. And Tonight at 8pm, on Model Talk- www. blogtalkradio. com/isobellajade

I will be talking about how to plan your own photo shoot.

I hope you tune in! Good luck!


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