Friday, June 27, 2008

Saving beauty Bucks in the summer

How to make your hair color last longer?
Wear a silk scarf like a bandana around your head or wear a hat. Especially in the summer. A Silk Scarf can warm your head in the winter as well.

How do I keep your manicure and pedicure nice without spending so much at the salon?
I mositurize daily, and I rely on my own touch ups. I have my own nail polish and I bring it to the salon, so that I can fix my manicure or pedicure so I save money and don't have to run back if it chips.

beauty and spa facials?

I don't do these, I give myself my own facials, and I use St.Ives on my face - to me that is a facial. I put cucumbers on my eyes sometimes.

How do you limit your haircut salon visits?
I deep condition and use hot oil treatments often

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