Monday, June 30, 2008

A plan for yourself beyond modeling?

Yes do you have a plan beyond modeling? Or is modeling only what is important. Do you have goals to claim, things to become, and things to accomplish beyond modeling and looking pretty. Even entrepreneurs and business owners enjoy other things in life beyond their business. When we only let one thing define us, we are not becoming the entire person we can be.

Do you have goals for yourself beyond one thing?
We can be serious about our pursuits, and passionate about them, make them a good part of our life, a huge part but not the only part and purpose.

Do you like drawing? Do you like to read? Do you like traveling?

You will find more happiness in life if you do not let your one career goal beat you up and instead make you grow as a person.

Stick to your pursuits, and passions and fight for what you want, make your dreams come true- but this is a business of NO's and usually there isn't a reason doesn't mean you should lose hope, for forget why you are lovable and an amazing, you should find the confidence in yourself to take each obstacle and use it as fire to the flame and keep striving!

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We've used a lot of lingerie models. There is definitely a market for petite models out there.

Shorter models actually work better for a lot of the lingerie styles, which is a little different than a lot of the modeling fields.