Monday, June 9, 2008

A photographer not using social modeling websites says...

even though you don't have to be with a high fashion agency to get modeling work, it is sometimes nice to know the opinions of photographers who work with them.

A photographer I know and worked with doesn't use social modeling websites or Craigslist and these are his reasons.

He says it is tradition and that he feels if a model is pre-selected by a modeling agency they will show up and usually be legit and worth it. Agencies such as Ford, Wilhelmina models, MC2, Trump. (Photographers are given a password and they can scope out the models, and the photographer will put out a casting when they are looking for models, it is for something, a project.) Or the casting director and production company picks the model through the agency or through casting.

So # 1 is legit. You will get a model that is serious.

# 2 you are trusting the judgement of the bookers who pick girls who are current looking and that there is something about them.

#3 if she is with an agent she is legit, a real model.(otherwise it is like going to the mall and finding a real model and good people to work with.)

Sometimes the original is busy or has a go-see, or gets booked and then another girl comes and she isn't as good.

This can explain why being with an agency is better because you can get exposed to people/photographers at a higher level.

When actors don't have an actor or agent, they are not exposed to levels of castings and breakdowns compared to if they were.

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