Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Modeling questions: Did the modeling agent say to tone up? Gunnar Peterson's great advice in Cosmo Girl magazine

So you met with a modeling agent and the agent says "You should tone up." Don't fret! Here are some tips for what this might mean.

1. Your body needs more of a solid look, this doesn't mean becoming a weight lifter, it means getting a more solid appearance in your arms, stomach, legs, and the back of your legs or backside.

2. Here are couple things that can tone you up that don't cost anything ( incase you can't afford a gym membership.)

Running, run to a destination every day, the bookstore, the Brooklyn Bridge, or try some great parks in NYC like Riverside Park, Central Park, Battery Park and set some goals to run at each location or pick one to run at each week. Running or fasts walking can get you tone within a couple months.
Hint: if you can run hills that really helps your whole body, arms, legs, thighs and butt!

Also you can use your own weight to lose weight and make your butt and thighs look great! I recently read in Cosmo Girl that Gunnar Peterson's clock lunge is a good way to get toned. He says to:
Stand, hands on your hips, in the middle of an imaginary clock on the ground.

Then Step towards 12 o'clock with your right foot. Lunge by bending your knees until they form right angles. Return to position, a lunge towards 1 o'clock, then 2 o'clock. Easy!

Now do a side lunge towards 3 o'clock: Bend your right knee until your thigh is almost parallel to the ground, left leg straight.

The last one to do is, lunge back towards 4,5, and 6 o'clock. Now lunge around the left side of the clock with your left leg. Do 3 o'clock sets.

Thanks Gunnar!

It reminds me a bit of the game Twister, but it sounds like a fun way to get in shape, you could do this while watching TV too- or when you wake up or before bed. When a person is trying to get into a routine it is nice to have a distraction like watching TV or listening to music.

Toning up is important especially if you want to be a body parts model, or fitness model, and as a petite girl this can be an "in" for you to an agency. This is also a reason why you need to send a photo of yourself that is recent, and shows how you look NOW, not then, a year ago. So when you are sending a photo to a modeling agency you are submitting a photo that is honest.

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