Thursday, June 5, 2008

Modeling Photoshoot tips: Do you know how to plan a photoshoot?

Hey! I recently did a podcast on "Planning a photo shoot" and I think you should check it out because a lot of girls who are aspiring to be models forget the importance of having skills behind the camera too.

I am currently planning a shoot based around one idea. I already pitched the photographer and now I am working on the location. I am thinking Central Park.

Sometimes locations like this involve a permit, sometimes you can wing it, sometimes you need to speak to the owner of a location, like a store, or bar or lounge.

It is great when the photographer has some ideas and a location or studio already set, but then again why not get more involved with your shoots and try to get your own creative side moving!

Enjoy the podcast session where I give advice on styling, location finding and picking a photographer. You can be in control of your own modeling pursuits.

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