Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Modeling at any age and any height and Below Zero can get you there

This is a great website for an aspiring model that is middle aged or for a model that wants inspiration for how to pose in a suit. If you are also very petite the website might become your next best friend,- they carry are a size zero and under for suits and it is called: Below Zero Petites was created to give small-statured women garments that are professional, fun and most importantly – form-fitting. Our clothing is created specifically for women that are 5’ 2” and under. We understand and address the challenges that small-framed, petite size women face each and every day. What gives us these insights? Our founder Debbiann is one of them!

Notice the model posing from the Below Zero website, see how her height is unknown but yet she looks ready to take over the world.

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