Monday, June 16, 2008

How to pose for a photo shoot without a lot of space

So maybe you can make use of that hallway and get something interesting out of it. Maybe you can even ask the photographer to use a cool lens or something a little different this time. Maybe make him/her get on a stoll and look down at you. Bend a leg, arch the back, look up with your beautiful eyes, lean against the wall, sit on the couch, or even sit on the ground next to the chair instead of sitting on it...I think of the story I want to create before I shoot... and make your shot look like a story, more than just here I am in a dress, but wow...look at that picture! I don't just create photos and call myself a model, I really try to get creative, do something different and get involved in my shoots. I get inspired by an ad campaign I see or an outfit I have, and I want to make it a story with a photo. To become a model, you need to have your comfort level infront of the camera high, you need to also be able to bring more than just your face to the shoot but sometimes your ideas too.

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