Sunday, June 8, 2008

how to model, how to get ahead, how to get an agent?

When it comes to getting modeling work and getting an agent and getting ahead some good ideas might be to:

Recognizing your goals and the direction you need to go, the things you need to do and the work you need to put in to get there.

Remember that staying ambitious and not letting a few NO’s it hard, but do not let the No's hold you back. Keep submitting, and to many agencies not just a few.

The truths in promoting yourself. It can be tiresome, but it involves more than just having your photos on a modeling or talent website. It involves really marketing yourself, with your marketing tools, headshot, and compcard, and mailing them out and really trying to approach the modeling industry as a business not just as a pretty face with her photo on a website. It takes more than just a download to get ahead.

In my modeling memoir called Almost 5'4" I talk about striving, struggles and the sacrifice of pursuing a dream. But also the success that follows. No matter what you want it is attainable but it might not be an easy choice or pursuit.

If you want to do something you find a way to do it! You don't need a nose job, or a new body but your mind might need a new approach.

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