Monday, June 2, 2008

How to Find a Modeling Agency Regardless of Your Height

From City Chick Magazine by Isobella Jade

Of course if you are born with long legs and a unique look finding a modeling agency might be easy. Perhaps you can go to an open call and potentially get representation by the modeling agencies that we have all heard of like: Ford, Elite, Next, Wilhelmina, and a handful of other modeling agencies many girls would die to be represented by. Although the modeling business is changing and today the word "model" means many things, for the short girl in America there is a lot of opportunity out there now, more than ever. So stop worrying about inches and feet and let the following 6 tips guide you and help you land a modeling agent, no matter your height.

What it comes down to is being realistic with yourself and being persistent, if you are only 5'2" then you might never rock the runway, or work with Ford or Elite Models, but you can be a print model and model handbags, shoes, hair products, and beauty products. Therefore, you need your photos that show you modeling products, and accessories, flaunting your personality and showing you as a fresh and energetic person. Real-life people can be models too. You don't have to be tall. This is the big misconception among aspiring models. You just need photos that represent you as the model that you are honestly capable of being for the industry. The best thing to do is target yourself in ways that work for a print model. Photos that show you looking attractive but also with style and personality are important to have.

There is a need for all types of models such as: Fitness models, hand models, shoe models, showroom models, and swimwear models. These are all aspects of commercial print modeling. If you are short, (or not 5'9") then the way to get a modeling agent is to research commercial print agencies. Agencies that work with models of all sizes for print, ad campaigns, magazine editorials, and commercials. You can also check out or pick up a handy booklet called The Ross Reports at Barnes and Noble which lists talent agencies and casting agencies.

Modeling is also for all ages: You can be 70 years old and still model. The misconception is that you have to be flawless, the most beautiful, and absolutely perfect. Well, being proportioned, with great skin helps, but there are agencies that specializes in many different body types, even one for pregnant models right here in NYC.

A lot of girls think the modeling agency will make their comp card (composite card) and it is true, fashion modeling agencies usually make comp cards for their models, but as a commercial print model, I make my own comp cards, which I shop around to many commercial print agencies. There is a great website called that makes affordable ones. A comp card is your best marketing tool and you don't have to wait to get an agent to print one up!

Self serving is a big part of getting a modeling agent. Being discovered is only an opportunity that happens to a few. These days it is more about discovering and marketing yourself. You should be researching on Google modeling agencies in your hometown, or a near by city, and take notice to modeling agencies that have models on their board that are similar to your looks and body type. Also, a lot of modeling agencies have divisions, you might be able to get into an agencies body part division, and then it could lead to being accepted into other divisions.

Set goals for yourself. Mail three modeling agencies a week, give yourself deadlines and make a To-Do list. Sometimes it can take three mailings to the same modeling agency before you get a call back. Even when you do get an agent, and start booking some modeling work, it doesn't mean your own self serving is over. A lot of aspiring models think that they have to sign exclusively with an agent or agency. This isn't true. You can freelance with many agencies at once and book work with all of them

Remember never pay a modeling agency until you book a modeling job and then you give them a percent, (20% is standard) which is usually taken out before you get your check anyways. Modeling can be a great way to make extra money, to pursue as a hobby or become a serious part of your life, but it takes time, it takes a lot of work, it takes management skills, and it helps if you are a self serving person. You should believe in yourself and understand that in a business of extremely high standards it isn't always easy but it is possible to get an agent, and book work as a model no matter your height!

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