Tuesday, June 24, 2008

How the Internet Model can become a commercial print model

Are you only counting your hits and clicks, or are you really modeling? Do you have a physical modeling portfolio or only an online portfolio? Have you gotten exposure in a print magazine or are you only hottie of the month online?

What about the ad, the product? Shooting to make a story?

Maybe it comes down to asking yourself:
Why do you want to model?
What do you want to model?
And why is being a model important to you?

What I have learned through my own modeling pursuits is that: The Internet can help, but the Internet is not where the self promotion ends.

Being an Internet model is the easy way out. Are you taking the easy way out?

I am dedicating a segment this week on Model Talk, to the topic of Internet Modeling and the good and the bad of it. A girl can be more than just “another face," online, but it does involve work. It isn’t taking the short cut. It is really attaining to you own self promotion and it involves reaching out beyond the internet modeling websites and social site.

What does a comment on your modeling page really get you? An ego boost? It doesn’t make you a model because someone says “your hot!” It takes more than a compliment to be a model. So lets think about what would happen if you took what you wanted to the next level.

A girl goes to the Internet when she wants to be a model,-even before looking up agencies, and even trying to get a modeling agent. They feel discouraged because of height requirements, and instead of focusing on what she has to offer as a model, she gets stuck in a rut of only being an Internet model and never really working at all.

Tune into Model Talk at 8pm to hear insight on how an Internet model can be a commercial print model, this week www.blogtalkradio.com/isobellajade

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