Monday, June 2, 2008

How do I get a modeling job

It is better to send two great photos then show 10 ones that are just ok.

With that in mind the first thing you need to get a modeling job is photographs. Photos that show you in a way that can market you to brands, modeling agencies, and future jobs.

There is not just one answer for how to get a modeling job! The main thing is:
Having the right photos to market yourself


Having a lot of ambition to do the work.

Waiting is over. It is time to make your dreams happen.

You will be researching brands, magazines and modeling agencies to get ahead, it takes more than just an email and one mailing.

It takes an very day hunt, submitting, researching, it is like starting a business.

The best way to market yourself is to have photos that are diverse. And a huge selection. From having different outfits, poses, expressions, and amount of makeup.

Some that are for your energy, some that are JUST of your face, photos of you holding hand bags, and involving products in your photo shoots. The more your shots look like ads and ediorials the better! So of course it is a good idea to look at magazines. And get inspired.

Creating your images: Your photos need to be caitered towards the modeling jobs you want to get.
So if you want to model shoes, put some shoes in your photo shoots. And model them! Rock them! Pose with them on. Smile, energy, -modeling is personality!

Once you have your photos you now need to make a compcard.

Making your Promotional Tools: You shouldn't be afriad to make your own compcard either because just like a business owner-you need marketing tools/ like they have business cards you need compcards. Try
Compcards are your marketing tool to submit to modeling agencies and aspiring brands or brands you want to work with. How do you expect to get anywhere without your marketing tools?

When it comes to submitting your photos to magazines, and modeling agencies or brands...
Think from the client or editors' perspective. What they see is what they will assume. The photos you show are the ones you will be judged upon so it is best to focus on your photos and make them as sellable as possible meaning:

1. Does the photo look like an ad or editorial?
2. Is it just a photo or does it speak or say something?
3. Does the photo match the style of the modeling jobs you want to get or are submitting to? Are you sending a photo of you in a dress when the job is for skincare? Your photos should match with where you are going and where you want to be.

The way to get a modeling job is to submit, submit, submit, and research, research, research and try, try, try, again and again and again

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