Saturday, June 14, 2008

Eye modeling and using what you got to model

Eye Modeling and Using what you got!
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Posted on: 06/14/08

Alot of girls ask me how to get an agent, how to start modeling, and how to get magazine tearsheets. My answer is usually based on two things:

1. Using what you got- whether it is your feet for shoe modeling, hands for hand modeling, your hair for hair modeling, or legs, or even your eyes to model. A lot of girls want to be something they are not or don't see all the things they are and the type of modeling work they could be doing.

2. Create photos that show what you CAN model and market yourself with them. My first modelig job through a modeling agency was shoe modeling and this was because I discovered that to shoe model all I needed was a size six foot, and that is my size.

By using what I already had, and have,- I have gotten modeling work.

If you don't know what you can offer the modeling industry or any industry you want to pursue then you need to analyze yourself.

Because if you don't know what you can offer, how can you really dream and chase what you want.

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Anonymous said...

How Do i start off being an eye model, my family and friends always say i have big beautiful eyes which are green with a tint of blue i would love to some how show them off in modeling but im not to sure weather thats possible so could you help please ?

Anonymous said...

iv been looking around and i have finaly come to the conclusion that i need help i'v been told constantly that i have really preety eyes and i should modke them but im not sure how to go about finding an agency or were to look can you please help ?
i have hazel brown eyes with a blue ring around the outside.

Isobella Jade said...

Using your eyes for modeling is called "parts modeling" Google it. Or search my blog for many articles on what parts modeling involves.

For your eyes: You should get photos taken of your eyes, professional photos. Close ups, like a beauty ad. With mascara and without, with makeup and without. Then make a comp card of these images: You could use And there are also many comp card printing stores out there. Mainly you want a professional modeling industry comp comp card. You can find more on comp cards below.

Eye modeling would fall in to the area of "parts modeling" so you would want to research to find agencies that work with "parts models." There is Parts Models in NYC and Body Parts Models Inc in LA. There are other print agencies that have "parts" divisions. It is BEST to have already created a "parts modeling compcard." Here is the scoop on making a parts card an why you need a compcard and portfolio.

Why you need a comp card:

Tips for preparing to make a parts card:

Five jobs where height doesn't matter:

Lip modeling and parts modeling:

More details on what a comp card is, why you need one and how to make one: