Thursday, June 12, 2008

Does your photographer know what their doing?

I have worked with many ( sometimes too many) photographers but there is only a select few who really have gotten my eyes, captured me, and these people are those I hang on to and really love to work with again and again. If you have to ask yourself after the shoot " did we get that shot?" or " I hope we got it?" then the photographer didn't do his job. A good photographer, is someone who is not only talented with his eye and vision but he also knows how to direct a model, bring a personality out,create a story with a shot, and doesn't just shoot to shoot.
There are too many GWC's- these " guys with cameras" and they tend to ruin the rep of the good photographers out there, but not all photographers are scum bags or jerks or perverts. Many are really into the craft of photography and don't just have great equipment but really love the photography experience and try to get each shot perfect and to mean something.

I love it when the photographer waits for me, and doesn't take the shot until I make him take it. When he doesn't just waste a shot because he is "a photographer" but he waits for the expression, the lighting and the shot to be powerful.

I would love to work with more female photographers in the near future too.

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