Friday, June 20, 2008

Criticism is a good thing, a perspective from Mia

A girl I met on Myspace shared with me a photoshoot experience that might inspire you:

Criticism is a good thing
The act of passing judgment as to the merits of anything doesn’t sound too bad does it? In fact the meaning of merit is to respect and praise; excellence; worth. So why has the word criticism, which I first defined, come to mean something negative. In my experiences I have found criticism, constructive criticism to be quite beneficial especially in the modeling world.

On my shoot yesterday I received the most criticism I ever have in my entire life, however as this may sound negative it is actually quite the opposite. I thanked her for her criticism and went as far as to encourage even more of it. For example I was modeling a small purse. The way in which I had originally placed my hands covered up the clasp of the purse. The photographer simply told me that I my hand was covering the clasp and suggested that I move it up a bit. Doesn’t sound too harsh, does it? Due to the criticism I received on this shoot I will no longer be making these same mistakes. What if the photographer had felt bad about giving me criticism? She would have never told me that my hand was covering the clasp and all of those particular shots would have been worthless, a waste of time. It’s all about getting that one shot. It’s quality over quantity. An agency isn’t going to see that you have a million so-so pictures and say wow she’s perfect for us. On the other hand, if you only have a few WOW shots of yourself an agency will be impressed and see your potential.

As I did in my shoot yesterday, I will continue to encourage criticism before every shoot. I encourage anyone who is looking to model to do the same. Something as simple as hey I’d love it if you’d talk to me during the shot; tell me what I can improve on etc. Let the photographer know that you are comfortable with criticism. After all they are the ones looking through the lens not you. They can see things you can’t. It is very important to get comfortable with criticism and use it in a constructive way, putting it towards your benefit. As a model you are going to be criticized left and right especially as a petite model. You need to learn to make the good bad and if someone goes as far as to give you unconstructive criticism you need to use that as inspiration and work to prove them wrong, go out there and prove them that you can do it!

Criticism = that perfect shot!
Encourage it!


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