Friday, June 6, 2008

Can I be a model? Yes you can!

So your short, not perfect, and a little unusual, but you can still be a model, this blog proves it and so does the agencies I mention on the site.

Have you considered hair modeling, shoe modeling, hand modeling, body part modeling. All of these things have got me in the door at an agency. Now you might want to be the face of the ad campaign but sometimes you have to use your other body parts to get into the door. It might not be with a fashion agency but you can work with commercial print modeling agencies.

Getting representation is important to get the opportunity to go on the castings which get you modeling work. ( or if you are able to freelance you can hustle to book your own modeling work-by emailing your photos to magazines, and brands you want to work with.)

To be a model you need the right photos so no matter what type of modeling you want to do, and who you are pitching, whether it is an agent ,magazines, or brand you need photos that represent that you can model products, and you do have the right look, and you can in deed model.

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