Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Be picky about the social sites you use as a model

When it comes to social sites, there are so many to use, and choose from,- at first it seems like a dream come true to any aspiring model, but unless you are really picky about the photographers you work with, the photos you have taken, and the photos that you post, you won't get anywhere fast as a model.
If you are using the internet to get ahead you have to be picky, and you have to really think about the images you show that will represent the type of modeling you want to do. Start to structure your photoshoots to involve products, and make them look like ads and editorials. Include some handbags, or a watch, maybe create a spec ad for a shoe. Try to get more purpose involved with your shoots.

Don't just shoot to shoot. Being a model takes a lot more than being in front of the camera.

I will be chatting more about this on my pod cast Model Talk, tune in anytime to hear how you can be more of a model.

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