Thursday, June 19, 2008

Advice for submitting to castings online from Actors First New York

The founder of Actors First NY, Jagger Kaye, commented recently on a question about submitting to castings online and I think you will like it. Also Actors First is a nice source for aspiring actors and models.

I suggest also signing up to receive free breakdowns. Jagger shows an impressive amount of different looks in headshot forms on his website. It also might be worth checking out

Here is the question:
Q: Any advice on submitting to castings online? You seem to be the one to ask!

A: A BIG mistake I see talent making is NOT (I repeat … NOT) using their names on files & email addresses. I get files all day with “CloseUpFace” & “NewResume” as file names instead of “YourNameHeadshot200 8” & “YourNameResume2008” . I also cannot understand why talent does not use their names as email address. I see CoOlChik147@ wherever. com all day long. This is a business and its IMPERATIVE that people remember your full name & not nickname & locker combination (or favorite number). When submitting online do it with personality & include something personable with your submission in the body of the email instead of just attaching a file.

I totally agree with Jagger's reply about emails, if you are using the internet to get ahead and using electronical castings you NEED to get professional and have an email that at least involves your name. Also remember to read the casting online clearly, to ask questions if the job seems unclear and before you submit any sexy or body shot of yourself ask for more information about the job if possible, the internet is a great tool but there is also a lot of scams out there so ask yourself, " will this opportunity benefit me in the future or is this job just for a quick fix of feeling like an actor or model?" Alot of aspiring actors and models are really desperate for jobs that they apply and accept jobs that are not going to benefit their resume and when you are growing as a professional you need to always think of your resume and your experience. Make each job count!

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