Monday, June 30, 2008

Intimate Destination with Wal-Mart in the lead

Those analysts are right, it does feel good to slip on a new pair of panties and Intimates is still a girl’s favorite shopping splurge even in challenging times. I know I still love to buy a fresh pair and I shop all over for it.

Forever 21, H&M, department stores and discount stores like Daffy’s, so I thought I would share the places that most women shop for intimates from an article I read today in WWD.

Surprisingly the top stores that you regular shop for intimates is Wal-Mart with 32%. Following behind is Victoria Secret with 27% and Target holding a strong 22%, then comes Kohl’s with 21% and J.C Penny still holding down their intimate fort with 17%.

Wal- Mart is featuring underwear brands such as Foot of the Loom, Hanes and Playtex, as well as Smart & Sexy.

Target is popular for private brands Gilligan & O’Malley and Xhiliration, as well as Nick and Nora.

Kohl’s carries Vanity Fair, Simply Vera Wang, Barely There, Playtex and Olga.

J.C Penny’s has their popular brand Ambrielle, and Glamourize, along with Bali and Barely There.

Britian's Missing Top Model- an inspiring message to ALL models and what the word model means

Introducing: Britian’s Missing Top Model

This is awesome and impressive that the network is starting to see that a model can be all heights, sizes, and come in all forms and lack of. "There’s a new reality show coming to England. It’s set to debut on BBC in July and it’s called Britian’s Missing Top Model. As the name suggests."

"...the series is a modeling competition between models from around the world with various disabilities. Some hopefuls have missing limbs, one is paralyzed and another is deaf. Seriously. Take a look at this contestant above."

Marie O’Riordan, one of the judges on the show and the editor of Marie Claire UK, said:

“I do believe the program could help challenge our attitudes to disability. I want to see the winner shake up the fashion industry. These young women shouldn’t be invisible to the fashion world just because they are disabled.”

pretty amazing and also inspiring.

A plan for yourself beyond modeling?

Yes do you have a plan beyond modeling? Or is modeling only what is important. Do you have goals to claim, things to become, and things to accomplish beyond modeling and looking pretty. Even entrepreneurs and business owners enjoy other things in life beyond their business. When we only let one thing define us, we are not becoming the entire person we can be.

Do you have goals for yourself beyond one thing?
We can be serious about our pursuits, and passionate about them, make them a good part of our life, a huge part but not the only part and purpose.

Do you like drawing? Do you like to read? Do you like traveling?

You will find more happiness in life if you do not let your one career goal beat you up and instead make you grow as a person.

Stick to your pursuits, and passions and fight for what you want, make your dreams come true- but this is a business of NO's and usually there isn't a reason doesn't mean you should lose hope, for forget why you are lovable and an amazing, you should find the confidence in yourself to take each obstacle and use it as fire to the flame and keep striving!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Shoes for a shoe model at Payless

We can't always be in our highest heels. Shoe models need to get some sandals on their feet to keep them nice and neat. Here are some cork sandals with a good price and hot look from Payless.

Put them on, and keep your heels in your bag. Switch your shoes before your casting because your size six feet can help launch your modeling pursuits, who says you have to be tall to model?? Shoe models are mainly petite.

Saving beauty Bucks in the summer

How to make your hair color last longer?
Wear a silk scarf like a bandana around your head or wear a hat. Especially in the summer. A Silk Scarf can warm your head in the winter as well.

How do I keep your manicure and pedicure nice without spending so much at the salon?
I mositurize daily, and I rely on my own touch ups. I have my own nail polish and I bring it to the salon, so that I can fix my manicure or pedicure so I save money and don't have to run back if it chips.

beauty and spa facials?

I don't do these, I give myself my own facials, and I use St.Ives on my face - to me that is a facial. I put cucumbers on my eyes sometimes.

How do you limit your haircut salon visits?
I deep condition and use hot oil treatments often

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Modeling tips for facial shots, beauty shots and headshots for your modeling portfolio

You can bring some diversity to your shoots and modeling portfolio by including accessories into your beauty shots. A headshot for acting or for the front of your compcard should be more straight on, but for your modeling portfolio you can use sunglasses, scarves, hats and some faux fur to make a statement.

Consider the shots enclosed which I cropped from a photo shoot with Nilea P lingerie.

Just keep the focus based on your face, your lips, your eyes, and face profile.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Basic Stuff: how to submit to a modeling agency

This is something that you will be doing time and time again, and submitting it something that all models must do. Well those who are not discovered on the beach in Brazil.

When you submit keep it short and all about your look.

An agency wants to know (1)How you photograph and (2) your stats (3) different looks-with a smile and maybe if you have long hair, pull your hair back so that the agent can see your face in the photos. Straight on shots work best. -don't hide your eyes.

Speak about yourself in a note: Your hobby's any modeling experience you have and you could even include in the mailing a recent tear sheet or catalog job you did. If you don't have any experience submit some photos, could be 5x7 prints, or a compcard you can make yourself from

Submit your phone number,- even though email is popular most agents will contact you by phone number.

Also an agent doesn't want to hear about the other three agents you work with, so have them call you to get intouch with you, not your other three agents for more information.

Becareful about the images you submit. Personality is big, so don't send shots that are too fashion-like- especially if you are short, and don't send images that are overly sexy. Even if you have a great booty. (no one wants to open mail and see your booty blunt and in their face.)

Simple shots of yourself are ok too, looking straight into the camera and a profile shot and an energy shot of you smiling or laughing naturally is nice.

Some agencies have open calls,- where you go and show the agents your portfolio and photos, other times it is best to just submit by mail. Not email( unless the website requests that) but to them directly at the agency.

Usually if they do not want to work with you then you will not be told that, if you don't get a call in three weeks, then figure they were not interested. It could have been your photos. It could have been they just don't have an interest now but they could later. But this doesn't mean give up. It means keep mailing other agencies and once you have updated your photos you can always submit again with new ones.

Be picky about the social sites you use as a model

When it comes to social sites, there are so many to use, and choose from,- at first it seems like a dream come true to any aspiring model, but unless you are really picky about the photographers you work with, the photos you have taken, and the photos that you post, you won't get anywhere fast as a model.
If you are using the internet to get ahead you have to be picky, and you have to really think about the images you show that will represent the type of modeling you want to do. Start to structure your photoshoots to involve products, and make them look like ads and editorials. Include some handbags, or a watch, maybe create a spec ad for a shoe. Try to get more purpose involved with your shoots.

Don't just shoot to shoot. Being a model takes a lot more than being in front of the camera.

I will be chatting more about this on my pod cast Model Talk, tune in anytime to hear how you can be more of a model.

Modeling at any age and any height and Below Zero can get you there

This is a great website for an aspiring model that is middle aged or for a model that wants inspiration for how to pose in a suit. If you are also very petite the website might become your next best friend,- they carry are a size zero and under for suits and it is called: Below Zero Petites was created to give small-statured women garments that are professional, fun and most importantly – form-fitting. Our clothing is created specifically for women that are 5’ 2” and under. We understand and address the challenges that small-framed, petite size women face each and every day. What gives us these insights? Our founder Debbiann is one of them!

Notice the model posing from the Below Zero website, see how her height is unknown but yet she looks ready to take over the world.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Shoe of the week: Michael Kors Contrast-Trim Pump Lolita Style

Oooh wow this Michael Kors Contrast-Trim Pump,Lolita Style, really turns me on. I really like the tan and white mix. I can't stop staring at this shoe and imagining how tall and sexy I will feel in them.


A petite model speaks about Petite Fashionista Fashion Event in Toronto

This past weekend a peite model named Carmen was involved in a fashion show at The Petite Fashionista Fashion Event in Toronto. This is her message about being a petite model:

"I am not tall, 5'5, and have a modeling goal.
The first time I appeared on the runway was at the Petite Fashionista Fashion Show, it feels so good to know that petite girls can rock the runway too! Modeling was never my dream until recently. I wasn't sure I could do it, but I took a modeling course last year and became really interested in the industry. After modeling for creative photo shoots, hair show and the petite fashion show, it makes me want to learn and develop more experience in the world of modeling!"

For Fashion tips for Petite's check out the Petite Fashionista blog here.

How the Internet Model can become a commercial print model

Are you only counting your hits and clicks, or are you really modeling? Do you have a physical modeling portfolio or only an online portfolio? Have you gotten exposure in a print magazine or are you only hottie of the month online?

What about the ad, the product? Shooting to make a story?

Maybe it comes down to asking yourself:
Why do you want to model?
What do you want to model?
And why is being a model important to you?

What I have learned through my own modeling pursuits is that: The Internet can help, but the Internet is not where the self promotion ends.

Being an Internet model is the easy way out. Are you taking the easy way out?

I am dedicating a segment this week on Model Talk, to the topic of Internet Modeling and the good and the bad of it. A girl can be more than just “another face," online, but it does involve work. It isn’t taking the short cut. It is really attaining to you own self promotion and it involves reaching out beyond the internet modeling websites and social site.

What does a comment on your modeling page really get you? An ego boost? It doesn’t make you a model because someone says “your hot!” It takes more than a compliment to be a model. So lets think about what would happen if you took what you wanted to the next level.

A girl goes to the Internet when she wants to be a model,-even before looking up agencies, and even trying to get a modeling agent. They feel discouraged because of height requirements, and instead of focusing on what she has to offer as a model, she gets stuck in a rut of only being an Internet model and never really working at all.

Tune into Model Talk at 8pm to hear insight on how an Internet model can be a commercial print model, this week

Monday, June 23, 2008

Sunscreen Working? Check the Expiration Date- Isobella on

Almost every day at 10 a.m. on the dot, I slip on my yellow bikini and I sit on my terrace and soak in he morning sun rays. With a glass of water at my side and a laptop on my thighs, I embrace the new day. And if you, like me, love the sun and how it feels on your skin, then it’s easy to forget that something that feels so good is actually your skin’s enemy. Read more of my article at

Friday, June 20, 2008

Criticism is a good thing, a perspective from Mia

A girl I met on Myspace shared with me a photoshoot experience that might inspire you:

Criticism is a good thing
The act of passing judgment as to the merits of anything doesn’t sound too bad does it? In fact the meaning of merit is to respect and praise; excellence; worth. So why has the word criticism, which I first defined, come to mean something negative. In my experiences I have found criticism, constructive criticism to be quite beneficial especially in the modeling world.

On my shoot yesterday I received the most criticism I ever have in my entire life, however as this may sound negative it is actually quite the opposite. I thanked her for her criticism and went as far as to encourage even more of it. For example I was modeling a small purse. The way in which I had originally placed my hands covered up the clasp of the purse. The photographer simply told me that I my hand was covering the clasp and suggested that I move it up a bit. Doesn’t sound too harsh, does it? Due to the criticism I received on this shoot I will no longer be making these same mistakes. What if the photographer had felt bad about giving me criticism? She would have never told me that my hand was covering the clasp and all of those particular shots would have been worthless, a waste of time. It’s all about getting that one shot. It’s quality over quantity. An agency isn’t going to see that you have a million so-so pictures and say wow she’s perfect for us. On the other hand, if you only have a few WOW shots of yourself an agency will be impressed and see your potential.

As I did in my shoot yesterday, I will continue to encourage criticism before every shoot. I encourage anyone who is looking to model to do the same. Something as simple as hey I’d love it if you’d talk to me during the shot; tell me what I can improve on etc. Let the photographer know that you are comfortable with criticism. After all they are the ones looking through the lens not you. They can see things you can’t. It is very important to get comfortable with criticism and use it in a constructive way, putting it towards your benefit. As a model you are going to be criticized left and right especially as a petite model. You need to learn to make the good bad and if someone goes as far as to give you unconstructive criticism you need to use that as inspiration and work to prove them wrong, go out there and prove them that you can do it!

Criticism = that perfect shot!
Encourage it!


A Page of Their Own for women photographer's

Photo Magazine recently featured a A new online forum provides a space for women photographers.
The article was By Miki Johnson

Here is a snip of the article which is based on woman photographer's.

A new online gallery launches today, and it's name says it all: Women In Photography. Organized and curated by photographers Amy Elkins and Cara Phillips, the site will highlight a different female photographer every two weeks. Here Elkins and Phillips explain the project's synthesis and their goals for the project, each in her own words.

American Photo: Please tell our readers a bit about Women In Photography. How did the idea arise and what are your goals for the project?

Amy Elkins: Women In Photography (WIPNYC) is a bi-monthly online venue for showcasing female photographers from around the globe. It is co-curated by Cara Phillips and myself and is open to submissions on a rolling basis. Our goal is to bring attention to the abundance of talented women working in the photographic medium in a way that makes it accessible to everyone.

I believe there were a few things that slowly started stirring the pot, leading to WIPNYC being born. Humble Arts Foundation put together a show of emerging female photographers during the month of March, purposefully up during Women's History Month. The exhibition, 31 Under 31, featured 31 female fine are photographers under the age of 31. A panel discussion featuring women in art photography, occurred as part of 31 Under 31 that brought a lot of interesting statistics to the table. Shortly after an article titled "Gallerinas" was run in the New York Times Style section, discussing the various roles women have in the gallery scene. It seemed to over-emphasize beauty over talent, style over substance and it painted the gallery world to be quite shallow and seemingly sexist. With the sudden shift in gaze towards women in photography quite a few female photographers were interested in having their voices heard. There were blog articles posted in reaction to the New York Times article, emails sent out and banners created (such as the one Liz Kuball created "Women Photographers Helping Women Photographers").

WIPNYC came at first as a spontaneous reaction to an email Cara Phillips, my partner and co-curator on, had sent regarding the article that ran in the New York Times. Rather than a cry for help or a stifled whimper about the art world not being fair towards women, I thought of doing something proactive, creating a venue that allows the strength in the work to shine through. The evolution that followed came naturally. Cara and I set up our initial site with info about the open call as well as an account to receive emailed submissions. Humble Arts Foundation and Made By Brown stepped in to offer sponsorship, supporting our ideas and building us a unique website to showcase the work. Cara and I have been working together for a few months and have been building a wonderful lineup, with our first featured solo show going to Elinor Carucci.

Our goals are wide open at the moment. We are focusing at the present on making sure that the solo shows are hand picked and of high caliber, mixing both emerging and established photographers into our selections. Eventually we want to reach out to strong female editors and gallery owners or directors to do guest edits. If this leads to bigger things in the future, such as physical exhibitions or publications, we will be glad to step up those challenges.

Cara Phillips: Women in Photography came about after I was a speaker on the Humble Arts "Women in Fine-Art Photography" panel at the 3rd Ward in Brooklyn. The panel was part of the "31 Women Under 31" exhibit. As the panelists were talking it seemed that most of us had more male mentors and peers. We all thought it would be great to try and create a network of female artists. Sometime after, I wrote a post on my blog Ground Glass discussing an article in the New York Times on gallerinas. It generated a lot of conversation and I sent a call to action email to several women asking what we could do to make positive changes rather than just complain. Amy, who I had never met before, suggested we start a blog forum for women. And shortly after WIPNYC was born. Humble Arts Foundation offered to sponsor us and Amani Olu (co-founder of Humble) designed a fantastic site for us. Everything so far has been collaboration, with both of us working together to create WIPNYC. Amani from Humble has been a great help.

I would say our goals are very simple, to create a space for women at all stages of their careers to show their work. To be a resource for both curators and editors and to help women artists develop more community. This is a really exciting time. Artists are able to show their work to much larger audiences online. The more interest and excitement we can create, hopefully the more people will consider collecting contemporary female photographers.

AP: Why is it important to you to showcase the work of women photographers?

AE: Because it seems there are plenty of ways to sit back and not be content with the current state of the art world. It has long been male dominated. Do I think that every female photographer deals with injustices or unfair standards or feels they need the label themselves as a "female photographer" rather than just a photographer? I'm not sure they all do. There are plenty of strong female photographers who seem unhindered by most any challenge. They have unique methods, face challenging subject matter, and have strong visual voices. There are more female art photographers working now than ever. As a positive reaction to an art world that is competitive, challenging, cut throat and at times impossible to step into, we have created a unique curated venue to share bodies of work for those who you may not have heard of otherwise as well as to celebrate the work of successful, established photographers.

CP: Well, female photographers are still featured less in museum shows, and their prices continue to be less on average than male artists of similar stature, the exceptions being Diane Arbus and Cindy Sherman. But for me, it is about artists taking charge of their careers. Getting a show in a New York gallery is pretty difficult. Of course we all want a book deal and a solo show in Chelsea, but these things take time and are not the only option. Personally, I get a great deal of satisfaction out of the emails I get from people who have read my blog and relate to something I have said. If I can help a female artist's career or give her her first solo show on WIPNYC, I feel that I am doing something for all of us because both Amy and I are, of course, women in photography.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

model makeup: e.l.f. Cosmetics are only a dollar

You might typically want to pass on makeup that only costs a dollar, the sound of only a dollar could sound like gunk. But e.l.f. Cosmetics shows that only a dollar means a lot of benefit.

E.L.F stands for eyes lips and face. And from lip gloss, to false eyelashes, eye shadow and nail polish among eye liners and mascara's E.L.F cosmetics has it all.

I also love the name because as a petite model the E.L.F aspect is so cute!

The e.l.f makeup remover pads look perfect for on the go or for your photo shoots.

Advice for submitting to castings online from Actors First New York

The founder of Actors First NY, Jagger Kaye, commented recently on a question about submitting to castings online and I think you will like it. Also Actors First is a nice source for aspiring actors and models.

I suggest also signing up to receive free breakdowns. Jagger shows an impressive amount of different looks in headshot forms on his website. It also might be worth checking out

Here is the question:
Q: Any advice on submitting to castings online? You seem to be the one to ask!

A: A BIG mistake I see talent making is NOT (I repeat … NOT) using their names on files & email addresses. I get files all day with “CloseUpFace” & “NewResume” as file names instead of “YourNameHeadshot200 8” & “YourNameResume2008” . I also cannot understand why talent does not use their names as email address. I see CoOlChik147@ wherever. com all day long. This is a business and its IMPERATIVE that people remember your full name & not nickname & locker combination (or favorite number). When submitting online do it with personality & include something personable with your submission in the body of the email instead of just attaching a file.

I totally agree with Jagger's reply about emails, if you are using the internet to get ahead and using electronical castings you NEED to get professional and have an email that at least involves your name. Also remember to read the casting online clearly, to ask questions if the job seems unclear and before you submit any sexy or body shot of yourself ask for more information about the job if possible, the internet is a great tool but there is also a lot of scams out there so ask yourself, " will this opportunity benefit me in the future or is this job just for a quick fix of feeling like an actor or model?" Alot of aspiring actors and models are really desperate for jobs that they apply and accept jobs that are not going to benefit their resume and when you are growing as a professional you need to always think of your resume and your experience. Make each job count!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Commercial print modeling agencies in New York City

They would like submissions by mail

FFT Models
381 Park Ave South
# 821
New York, New York 10016

Flaunt Model Management, Inc.
35 West 35th Street.
Suite 901
New York, NY 10001

Silver Model Management (fitness modeling)
New York, NY630 9th Avenue, Suite 1401
New York, NY, 10036

Expecting Models (Pregnant professional models and actresses)
New York, NY853 Broadway,
Suite 1520
New York, NY, 10003

Please Google these agencies to confirm address.

Shoes for the short girls

One thing I love about being petite is that I can rock the tallest of heels. I really love those red Christian Louboutin Open-Toe Passementerie Pumps but enclosed here are some other options if you are a girl with a budget but want the sexy legs that a Christian Louboutin pump can give:

I also love these black strappy hot number for Report shoes. ( also shown)

These Nina Geniza gold satin sandal is perfect for a photo shoot based on your legs.

Believe it or not, these yellow hotties are Payless! They are titled Candy Glam Sandaland only are $14 dollars. Perfect for adding some color to your photo shoot.

Then we have the LOLIPOP peep toe from Steve Madden, so sexy and perfect for making any girls legs look longer.

Ok girls, why can't the shorter girl model and get ahead?

Today on my modeling podcast called Model Talk, I will be discussing how a girl can mail her photos to magazines and how she can market herself.

At 8pm tonight click this link to listen to this segment and other segments on modeling.

I will catch you there :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Why a model loves Alberto Culver, St. Ives and V05

When I was really broke, basically homeless and pursuing my modeling, writing my book, basically risking it all stability and a computer, I used the best beauty products I could find that didn't cost me much. So this post is for the girl who wants quality but not the heavy price pinch. This is my thanks to Alberto.

Alberto V05 is a brand I have used often. And the hot Oil treatments are also amazing for your hair. I am thinking of doing one this week too.

Another brand I totally love is St. Ives. I mention the brand a lot in my blogs and podcast and there is a reason. I can use it and get everything I need for a girl on a budget and on the go. I use the little travel sized Collagen Elastin creams in my bag and put it on before photo shoots or modeling castings for shoes or legs and hands. Also I use the Apricot scrubs and cleanser. I think it is so good for your feet too. I scrub them often with the Apricot scrubs and also I like cleansing my hands too. And I am not done. I also use St. Ives Collagen Elastin facial mositurizer.

St. Ives and Alberto Culver did not have any involvement with this post, I just clearly love the brand and I would love to stress my thanks to them.

The best part is that I can get all my body and skincare needs for less than ten bucks!

Monday, June 16, 2008

How to pose for a photo shoot without a lot of space

So maybe you can make use of that hallway and get something interesting out of it. Maybe you can even ask the photographer to use a cool lens or something a little different this time. Maybe make him/her get on a stoll and look down at you. Bend a leg, arch the back, look up with your beautiful eyes, lean against the wall, sit on the couch, or even sit on the ground next to the chair instead of sitting on it...I think of the story I want to create before I shoot... and make your shot look like a story, more than just here I am in a dress, but wow...look at that picture! I don't just create photos and call myself a model, I really try to get creative, do something different and get involved in my shoots. I get inspired by an ad campaign I see or an outfit I have, and I want to make it a story with a photo. To become a model, you need to have your comfort level infront of the camera high, you need to also be able to bring more than just your face to the shoot but sometimes your ideas too.

Jessica Simpson Sets Intimates Launch for '09

WWD reported that Jessica Simpson is launching into Intimates and I am so excited for this. I am always interested in new Intimate brands, and I am sure that Jessica's will be very sexy. I hope she doesn't forget the petite girls and can design some for the 32B girls, like myself :)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Eye modeling and using what you got to model

Eye Modeling and Using what you got!
First published on PNN.comPosted by isobella
Posted on: 06/14/08

Alot of girls ask me how to get an agent, how to start modeling, and how to get magazine tearsheets. My answer is usually based on two things:

1. Using what you got- whether it is your feet for shoe modeling, hands for hand modeling, your hair for hair modeling, or legs, or even your eyes to model. A lot of girls want to be something they are not or don't see all the things they are and the type of modeling work they could be doing.

2. Create photos that show what you CAN model and market yourself with them. My first modelig job through a modeling agency was shoe modeling and this was because I discovered that to shoe model all I needed was a size six foot, and that is my size.

By using what I already had, and have,- I have gotten modeling work.

If you don't know what you can offer the modeling industry or any industry you want to pursue then you need to analyze yourself.

Because if you don't know what you can offer, how can you really dream and chase what you want.

Check out my profile on to get video blogs and more about the model lifestyle.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Frédéric Fekkai was a model, a session with Frédéric Fekkai at the fi:af French Institute Alliance Francaise

Did you know that Frédéric Fekkai was a model before he landed in the beauty and hairstyling worlds. He actually got inspired by the first stylists that cut his hair while on the modeling job -and he was inspired to take on the feat of becoming one of the most celebrated names in the fashion and beauty communities. I recently saw him speak at the fi:af-French Institute Alliance Francaise about his roots and future of his ultimate in luxury hair care business.

I love hearing people speak of their business and success in person, at sessions like at the French Institute, and I like the quote Frédéric uses " When I run my hands through a woman’s hair, I feel who she can be.”

While I wish he spoke more about the very early roots of his career it was interesting to hear him speak with Kate Betts of Time style and design magazine about the history and future of Frédéric Fekkai Salons and products and the recent venture with Procter & Gamble, spoke of here on

Kate Hudson Launches Eco-Hair Care Line with David Babaii for WildAid

I am actually reading Goldie Hawn's biography right now, so I was so excited to recently hear of Kate Hudson’s new eco hair care line called: David Babaii for Wild Aid, in partnership with her long time hairstylist David Babaii was recently featured on

I also walked by a billboard today promoting the hair care, and Kate posing with wild animals which was an awesome campaign as well.

The article at also shares that "The collection launched at the fabulous emporium ABC Carpet & Home in New York City’s Flatiron District. For those not in the know, ABC could not have been a more perfect fit — as a retailer they are committed to offering products that serve communities and give back to causes having established ABC Home & Planet Foundation."

It is wonderful to know beauty isn't just about the outward Potential of those who use the products but also the Effects that using it has on the planet.

The Photo is a fantastic one of Kate Hudson in Zac Posen with David Babaii from

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Does your photographer know what their doing?

I have worked with many ( sometimes too many) photographers but there is only a select few who really have gotten my eyes, captured me, and these people are those I hang on to and really love to work with again and again. If you have to ask yourself after the shoot " did we get that shot?" or " I hope we got it?" then the photographer didn't do his job. A good photographer, is someone who is not only talented with his eye and vision but he also knows how to direct a model, bring a personality out,create a story with a shot, and doesn't just shoot to shoot.
There are too many GWC's- these " guys with cameras" and they tend to ruin the rep of the good photographers out there, but not all photographers are scum bags or jerks or perverts. Many are really into the craft of photography and don't just have great equipment but really love the photography experience and try to get each shot perfect and to mean something.

I love it when the photographer waits for me, and doesn't take the shot until I make him take it. When he doesn't just waste a shot because he is "a photographer" but he waits for the expression, the lighting and the shot to be powerful.

I would love to work with more female photographers in the near future too.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Modeling Beauty Tips: Honey hand and foot Scrubs and more!

I think this weekend I am going to dump honey all over my body. It will purely for my skin and did you know that honey is a great natural moisturizer and skin hydrator?

Here are two great websites to learn about making Home Made Beauty for your hands, face, feet and whole body. Why not try this:

Honey Cornmeal Hand/feet Softener

Honey and milk plays the role of moisturizer and honey is a great natural moisturizer and skin hydrator.

1/4 cup cornmeal or ground almonds
3 tablespoons hemp milk (or milk of your choice)
1 tablespoon honey
Feel free to add 1 drop vanilla extract or essential oil (optional)

1. Place oil and cornmeal in a small saucepan, stir in the milk and cornmeal and simmer over low heat. Once you see a loose paste you are almost done! Allow to cool and stir in honey and extract or oil, if using.

2. Massage mixture into hands and feet, then rinse with lukewarm water.

Info for Honey lovers:

Honey and lemon scubs:

Honey and Cornmeal and more!

Don't want to make it:

Quote from Runners World Magazine

I used to be a serious runner, (maybe that is where I get my competitive mindset and my style when it comes to pursuing my modeling with goals.) Here is a quote from Runners I like it and think it can apply to models too.

I think some of the most celebrated moments in human achievement should be those times when everything is going against a person and they are down in the dumps but they simply choose to get up. That's real greatness!"

Ryan Hall

Monday, June 9, 2008

A photographer not using social modeling websites says...

even though you don't have to be with a high fashion agency to get modeling work, it is sometimes nice to know the opinions of photographers who work with them.

A photographer I know and worked with doesn't use social modeling websites or Craigslist and these are his reasons.

He says it is tradition and that he feels if a model is pre-selected by a modeling agency they will show up and usually be legit and worth it. Agencies such as Ford, Wilhelmina models, MC2, Trump. (Photographers are given a password and they can scope out the models, and the photographer will put out a casting when they are looking for models, it is for something, a project.) Or the casting director and production company picks the model through the agency or through casting.

So # 1 is legit. You will get a model that is serious.

# 2 you are trusting the judgement of the bookers who pick girls who are current looking and that there is something about them.

#3 if she is with an agent she is legit, a real model.(otherwise it is like going to the mall and finding a real model and good people to work with.)

Sometimes the original is busy or has a go-see, or gets booked and then another girl comes and she isn't as good.

This can explain why being with an agency is better because you can get exposed to people/photographers at a higher level.

When actors don't have an actor or agent, they are not exposed to levels of castings and breakdowns compared to if they were.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

how to model, how to get ahead, how to get an agent?

When it comes to getting modeling work and getting an agent and getting ahead some good ideas might be to:

Recognizing your goals and the direction you need to go, the things you need to do and the work you need to put in to get there.

Remember that staying ambitious and not letting a few NO’s it hard, but do not let the No's hold you back. Keep submitting, and to many agencies not just a few.

The truths in promoting yourself. It can be tiresome, but it involves more than just having your photos on a modeling or talent website. It involves really marketing yourself, with your marketing tools, headshot, and compcard, and mailing them out and really trying to approach the modeling industry as a business not just as a pretty face with her photo on a website. It takes more than just a download to get ahead.

In my modeling memoir called Almost 5'4" I talk about striving, struggles and the sacrifice of pursuing a dream. But also the success that follows. No matter what you want it is attainable but it might not be an easy choice or pursuit.

If you want to do something you find a way to do it! You don't need a nose job, or a new body but your mind might need a new approach.

your photos don't make you a commercial model yet

Too many girls on the web who want to be model showcase photos of themselves without a real purpose. Without thinking of what they got and instead focusing too much on
being someone else with fake eye lashes and such.

Smiles will get you ahead as a model! Remember that. Modeling isn't just pouty lips and thick eyeshadow, it is being you. Look at ad and commercials, most of them involve a girl smiling.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Keep your bikini line clean with Sephora Bliss Bikini Perfect Deluxe - Spa Edition

Now is the perfect time to check out Sephora's bliss Bikini Perfect Deluxe - Spa Edition. I love the Bliss products and here is the link to learn all the details about getting a perfect bikini line through the Bliss bikini line set.

I would also shave or use the product the day before the shoot not the day of because you don't want any redness the day of your shoot. You can also use spray on tans to cover your bikini line or redness.

Can I be a model? Yes you can!

So your short, not perfect, and a little unusual, but you can still be a model, this blog proves it and so does the agencies I mention on the site.

Have you considered hair modeling, shoe modeling, hand modeling, body part modeling. All of these things have got me in the door at an agency. Now you might want to be the face of the ad campaign but sometimes you have to use your other body parts to get into the door. It might not be with a fashion agency but you can work with commercial print modeling agencies.

Getting representation is important to get the opportunity to go on the castings which get you modeling work. ( or if you are able to freelance you can hustle to book your own modeling work-by emailing your photos to magazines, and brands you want to work with.)

To be a model you need the right photos so no matter what type of modeling you want to do, and who you are pitching, whether it is an agent ,magazines, or brand you need photos that represent that you can model products, and you do have the right look, and you can in deed model.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ugly Models is happy that you aren't a tall toothpick

They got tattoos,- even on their forehead, greasy shaggy hair, they got a Mohawk, a really bad weave, some chub, pink hair, they are bald, and wrinkling, they are of all sizes and heights and they are working models in New York City.

Simon, the owner of Ugly Models has introduced a new spin to the word model with his agency called Ugly Talent. Based in NYC Ugly is surely not the expected modeling agency in town but Simon's perspective is right on!
He says, "Why not widen you concept on what beauty is?"

I couldn't agree more.

The agency has been featured on Rachael Ray, The Big Idea, Night Line, and ABC news to name a few of the networks that are finding Ugly models perhaps the next trend in the modeling industry. Ugly Talent is giving the real, the natural, the original a spot in the industry.

What does this mean for us petite unique girls who aren't 5'10"? Well, it is proof that a model means many things. And that all types of models, of many shapes, sizes and ethnicities, -not just the beautiful and tall are needed, used and working in the modeling industry.

You might move to NYC with your big dreams as being an aspiring model and you might not expect to start working with a modeling agency called Ugly Talent, but you should consider it, because being a model means being you and there is an agency out there that knows and respects that.

Modeling Photoshoot tips: Do you know how to plan a photoshoot?

Hey! I recently did a podcast on "Planning a photo shoot" and I think you should check it out because a lot of girls who are aspiring to be models forget the importance of having skills behind the camera too.

I am currently planning a shoot based around one idea. I already pitched the photographer and now I am working on the location. I am thinking Central Park.

Sometimes locations like this involve a permit, sometimes you can wing it, sometimes you need to speak to the owner of a location, like a store, or bar or lounge.

It is great when the photographer has some ideas and a location or studio already set, but then again why not get more involved with your shoots and try to get your own creative side moving!

Enjoy the podcast session where I give advice on styling, location finding and picking a photographer. You can be in control of your own modeling pursuits.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Are You Too Old To Model? By Aaron Marcus

Weren't those girls of Sex in the City hot? Well they are all over 40! I enjoyed this article by Aaron Marcus based on how you are never too old to model or act. Want proof? Read ahead...

Are You Too Old To Model?

Aaron Marcus

Have you ever dreamed of seeing yourself in a magazine/newspaper ad, on a billboard, poster or in a catalogue?

Most people don’t have the looks, stats or are still young enough for fashion modeling. Women must be between 5'9 - 6'0 tall and have measurements of 34/24/34. Men fashion models are normally 6'0 to 6'2 and wear a size 40 regular jacket) There are some exceptions to the rule, but it is rare for fashion models to have real success without these stats.

Even if you have these stats but are over the age of 21 and have not really made it in the industry, then the chances of working as a fashion model are slim. However, if you don’t fit the fashion model requirements, but still want to model, then here is some great news.

There is an entire division of modeling that unlike fashion modeling has no height, weight or age restrictions. All types of people are needed. Men, women, children and even babies are needed. Models are needed to believably portray the mom, student, doctor, lawyer, nurse, teacher, banker, real estate agent, athlete, child, librarian, the list goes on and on. This is Commercial Modeling.

Commercial models are the “real” and beautiful looking people seen in virtually every non - fashion ad. These publications can be anything from Gap catalogs or Readers Digest. The best part is that along with paying up to $250/hour (in New York only), most commercial models work on a part-time basis. Even if you live in a small market, chances are, commercial models are hired for jobs. Commercial models take a few hours off from their jobs, or leave school early, go to the photographer’s studio for the shoot, and go back to work/school before the end of the day.

What are commercial models used for?

Most people do not realize that commercial modeling is like any other kind of business. Before entering this or any industry, you must do your homework. You must learn about the types of photos that will get you the most work. You must understand what agents do, and know how to make sure you are working with an honest agent and avoid the scams. You must know what is expected of you as a professional model, and learn how to practice before entering the business.

The people who have done their research and have gotten the needed information will have the greatest chance for success.

The most important thing is to be prepared before your photo session. Know exactly what you want to shoot, bring plenty of props, show a variety of expressions, and make the shots look like ads, instead of test shots.

Aaron Marcus is a full-time actor and commercial model with over 1112 jobs to his credit. He is also the author of How to Become a Successful Commercial Model. You can read more about his work and book at

Aaron is offering his The Best Way to Get Work as an Actor and Commercial Model boot camp in New York on July 19th. To learn more about this event visit:

signing with a modeling agency? Should you do it?

A girl on myspace recently asked me this. I thought it was a great question so I am posing my answer here.

I liked your question. Well, it all depends on whether you think the agency is

Alot of models let the agency be the empowering one, and this is just wrong, you as their soon to be working model, or potential model should be very pick about who you work with.

I work with 5 agencies which I freelance with, no contracts, and since it is commercial print modeling agencies I get great castings and the agency only gets a percent. The agency, many models forget, is only the middle man between YOU and the Client/Brand, magazine and modeling job, so you have to be careful of signing ANY contract.

I just signed a contract for my book with a global publisher! And I had my boyfriend read it and his brother who is a lawyer. It is better to be safe than sorry. In my book called Almost 5'4" I talk alot about my experiences with agencies and working with them, and getting scammed, and a lot of messes, but also I do talk about the excitement in getting with one and so happy to get quality modeling jobs- finally!

I would be weary about signing a modeling contract because what it can mean is that even if you book a job on your own, or thought another agency, the agency your signed with gets a percent since they sort of “ own” your look and modeling jobs.

Once you have shot for some magazines and booked a national ad campaign for any product then maybe. But still you should ALWAYS be in control of yourself and your goals and dreams.

It might feel cool to be owned and feel special, but it makes me a bit weary honestly.

Also there are ways to find your own modeling work. Here are some tips from my modeling blogs. And Tonight at 8pm, on Model Talk- www. blogtalkradio. com/isobellajade

I will be talking about how to plan your own photo shoot.

I hope you tune in! Good luck!


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Modeling questions: Did the modeling agent say to tone up? Gunnar Peterson's great advice in Cosmo Girl magazine

So you met with a modeling agent and the agent says "You should tone up." Don't fret! Here are some tips for what this might mean.

1. Your body needs more of a solid look, this doesn't mean becoming a weight lifter, it means getting a more solid appearance in your arms, stomach, legs, and the back of your legs or backside.

2. Here are couple things that can tone you up that don't cost anything ( incase you can't afford a gym membership.)

Running, run to a destination every day, the bookstore, the Brooklyn Bridge, or try some great parks in NYC like Riverside Park, Central Park, Battery Park and set some goals to run at each location or pick one to run at each week. Running or fasts walking can get you tone within a couple months.
Hint: if you can run hills that really helps your whole body, arms, legs, thighs and butt!

Also you can use your own weight to lose weight and make your butt and thighs look great! I recently read in Cosmo Girl that Gunnar Peterson's clock lunge is a good way to get toned. He says to:
Stand, hands on your hips, in the middle of an imaginary clock on the ground.

Then Step towards 12 o'clock with your right foot. Lunge by bending your knees until they form right angles. Return to position, a lunge towards 1 o'clock, then 2 o'clock. Easy!

Now do a side lunge towards 3 o'clock: Bend your right knee until your thigh is almost parallel to the ground, left leg straight.

The last one to do is, lunge back towards 4,5, and 6 o'clock. Now lunge around the left side of the clock with your left leg. Do 3 o'clock sets.

Thanks Gunnar!

It reminds me a bit of the game Twister, but it sounds like a fun way to get in shape, you could do this while watching TV too- or when you wake up or before bed. When a person is trying to get into a routine it is nice to have a distraction like watching TV or listening to music.

Toning up is important especially if you want to be a body parts model, or fitness model, and as a petite girl this can be an "in" for you to an agency. This is also a reason why you need to send a photo of yourself that is recent, and shows how you look NOW, not then, a year ago. So when you are sending a photo to a modeling agency you are submitting a photo that is honest.

Monday, June 2, 2008

How to Find a Modeling Agency Regardless of Your Height

From City Chick Magazine by Isobella Jade

Of course if you are born with long legs and a unique look finding a modeling agency might be easy. Perhaps you can go to an open call and potentially get representation by the modeling agencies that we have all heard of like: Ford, Elite, Next, Wilhelmina, and a handful of other modeling agencies many girls would die to be represented by. Although the modeling business is changing and today the word "model" means many things, for the short girl in America there is a lot of opportunity out there now, more than ever. So stop worrying about inches and feet and let the following 6 tips guide you and help you land a modeling agent, no matter your height.

What it comes down to is being realistic with yourself and being persistent, if you are only 5'2" then you might never rock the runway, or work with Ford or Elite Models, but you can be a print model and model handbags, shoes, hair products, and beauty products. Therefore, you need your photos that show you modeling products, and accessories, flaunting your personality and showing you as a fresh and energetic person. Real-life people can be models too. You don't have to be tall. This is the big misconception among aspiring models. You just need photos that represent you as the model that you are honestly capable of being for the industry. The best thing to do is target yourself in ways that work for a print model. Photos that show you looking attractive but also with style and personality are important to have.

There is a need for all types of models such as: Fitness models, hand models, shoe models, showroom models, and swimwear models. These are all aspects of commercial print modeling. If you are short, (or not 5'9") then the way to get a modeling agent is to research commercial print agencies. Agencies that work with models of all sizes for print, ad campaigns, magazine editorials, and commercials. You can also check out or pick up a handy booklet called The Ross Reports at Barnes and Noble which lists talent agencies and casting agencies.

Modeling is also for all ages: You can be 70 years old and still model. The misconception is that you have to be flawless, the most beautiful, and absolutely perfect. Well, being proportioned, with great skin helps, but there are agencies that specializes in many different body types, even one for pregnant models right here in NYC.

A lot of girls think the modeling agency will make their comp card (composite card) and it is true, fashion modeling agencies usually make comp cards for their models, but as a commercial print model, I make my own comp cards, which I shop around to many commercial print agencies. There is a great website called that makes affordable ones. A comp card is your best marketing tool and you don't have to wait to get an agent to print one up!

Self serving is a big part of getting a modeling agent. Being discovered is only an opportunity that happens to a few. These days it is more about discovering and marketing yourself. You should be researching on Google modeling agencies in your hometown, or a near by city, and take notice to modeling agencies that have models on their board that are similar to your looks and body type. Also, a lot of modeling agencies have divisions, you might be able to get into an agencies body part division, and then it could lead to being accepted into other divisions.

Set goals for yourself. Mail three modeling agencies a week, give yourself deadlines and make a To-Do list. Sometimes it can take three mailings to the same modeling agency before you get a call back. Even when you do get an agent, and start booking some modeling work, it doesn't mean your own self serving is over. A lot of aspiring models think that they have to sign exclusively with an agent or agency. This isn't true. You can freelance with many agencies at once and book work with all of them

Remember never pay a modeling agency until you book a modeling job and then you give them a percent, (20% is standard) which is usually taken out before you get your check anyways. Modeling can be a great way to make extra money, to pursue as a hobby or become a serious part of your life, but it takes time, it takes a lot of work, it takes management skills, and it helps if you are a self serving person. You should believe in yourself and understand that in a business of extremely high standards it isn't always easy but it is possible to get an agent, and book work as a model no matter your height!

Petite Fashionista Presents...The First Ever Event for Petites! June 22

Toronto. May 22, 2008 –, the top Toronto-based fashion blog for women 5’4” and under, proudly introduces PETITE FASHIONISTA PRESENTS, the first fashion extravaganza for petite women. The event will be held from 2 p.m. until 8 p.m. on Sun., June 22, 2008 at the Proof Bar & Sky Lounge, Inter-Continental Hotel, 220 Bloor St W, Toronto between 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. ET. Tickets are available at for $15.00 CDN.

“Fashion should be enjoyable for every woman no matter what her height,” said Christa Jean, creator and blogger of “Petites are too often an afterthought. wants them to be the main attraction!”

Held at outside at the trendy Proof Bar and Sky Lounge, ticket holders will have the chance to bid on clothing straight out of petite celebrities’ closets include HERO’s Hayden Panettiere. The funds raised from Hayden’s outfit will be donated to her favorite charity – Save the Whales Again.

Fashion shows by top petite brand designers including TLE Designs, Sweet Petite, Joe’s Jeans, Benedicto, 5ft2in, Lovelina, Kingston 20 and Fernanda Carneiro will go on throughout the day. In addition, ticket holders will receive style advice and tips from fashion insiders, live wardrobe makeovers, and will afterwards be able to shop for the latest trends in clothing, accessories and make-up exclusively for petites.

All ticket holders will also receive a complimentary manicure, mini massage or the hemming of one pair of pants or skirt. Music to be provided by DJ L’oquenz.

Once tickets are purchased at, ticket holders will receive a confirmation e-mail which must be printed and shown with photo ID at the door.

Christa Jean created in October 2006 to share her knowledge as a stylist and fellow petite, on how and where to shop for small sizes. As a petite woman living in one of Canada’s top fashion cities- Toronto, she found it difficult to find clothing that was fashionable and that fit her frame. Christa knew that she was not the only petite that shared her frustration. She created a blog that provides other petite women with advice on what works on their frame, what other petite celebrities are doing and petite charities.

For further information, please contact:

Christa Jean

How do I get a modeling job

It is better to send two great photos then show 10 ones that are just ok.

With that in mind the first thing you need to get a modeling job is photographs. Photos that show you in a way that can market you to brands, modeling agencies, and future jobs.

There is not just one answer for how to get a modeling job! The main thing is:
Having the right photos to market yourself


Having a lot of ambition to do the work.

Waiting is over. It is time to make your dreams happen.

You will be researching brands, magazines and modeling agencies to get ahead, it takes more than just an email and one mailing.

It takes an very day hunt, submitting, researching, it is like starting a business.

The best way to market yourself is to have photos that are diverse. And a huge selection. From having different outfits, poses, expressions, and amount of makeup.

Some that are for your energy, some that are JUST of your face, photos of you holding hand bags, and involving products in your photo shoots. The more your shots look like ads and ediorials the better! So of course it is a good idea to look at magazines. And get inspired.

Creating your images: Your photos need to be caitered towards the modeling jobs you want to get.
So if you want to model shoes, put some shoes in your photo shoots. And model them! Rock them! Pose with them on. Smile, energy, -modeling is personality!

Once you have your photos you now need to make a compcard.

Making your Promotional Tools: You shouldn't be afriad to make your own compcard either because just like a business owner-you need marketing tools/ like they have business cards you need compcards. Try
Compcards are your marketing tool to submit to modeling agencies and aspiring brands or brands you want to work with. How do you expect to get anywhere without your marketing tools?

When it comes to submitting your photos to magazines, and modeling agencies or brands...
Think from the client or editors' perspective. What they see is what they will assume. The photos you show are the ones you will be judged upon so it is best to focus on your photos and make them as sellable as possible meaning:

1. Does the photo look like an ad or editorial?
2. Is it just a photo or does it speak or say something?
3. Does the photo match the style of the modeling jobs you want to get or are submitting to? Are you sending a photo of you in a dress when the job is for skincare? Your photos should match with where you are going and where you want to be.

The way to get a modeling job is to submit, submit, submit, and research, research, research and try, try, try, again and again and again