Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Setting Summer Time Modeling Goals

I think each season is a great time to make and adjust your modeling goals. If you don't have a modeling agent, if you don't have a tearsheet, if you don't have quality photos well now is the time to start planning for doing the next steps to get what you want.

When it comes to creating your images don't forget the importance of styling, whether it is having the right dress, swimwear, shoes, and accessories, you want all of your shots to look like ads and editorials and this does involve some planning. You will wear many hats and maybe even end up styling your own shoots. It is worth it to invest the time and create images that will get you modeling work,- compared to -just taking a photo.

Alot of girls wonder why they haven't booked any modeling work when really they haven't put the time and effort in, in the right ways.

This summer plan some goals for yourself, and whether it is to better your modeling images, or make a massive submission to magazines, agents, and photographers this summer set your goals and remember...Modeling just doesn't always happen, sometimes you have to make it happen.

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FirstN said...

thanks for the constant tips!