Friday, May 23, 2008

Report Shoes are great shoes for height

If you want to gain a few inches or more at your next photo shoot then I suggest trying a pair of Report Shoes. The shoes and heels are strong, sturdy and trendy.

I love this style above, the Gala has a heel that makes you almost as tall as a giraffe. ( hence in my book when I refer to the taller models as giraffes.) The Gala heel is almost 5 inches!!

As a petite model I am always looking for great tall shoes for my photo shoot that can give me some extra inches, and just by wearing high heels my legs look toner. Even for a photoshoot where my feet are not captured I still like to wear heels because it gives my legs and torso a longer look on film or on camera.

I love being petite,- sure maybe an extra couple inches would be cool-but I know I can get modeling work regardless, honestly I love being petite because I GET to wear hot shoes like these!

If you check out the heels at Report shoes there are a lot of awesome heels!

Wildly sexy and alluring platform peep-toe slingbacks to take your look to new heights

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