Thursday, May 29, 2008

Posing with other models

From hand modeling to print and music videos, sometimes posing with other models can be awkward if you are not comfortable with the set, theme and understand the style and mood of the shoot. I have enclosed a few photos which show me modeling with other male models.

If you notice they do look around the same age as me, and we do mesh together.

I have worked with other models many times for print, and music videos, I have worked with both girls and guys and it is an important skill and experience to have as a model, especially as a commercial print model, and petite model because you will be posing often with other models.

These are a few of the many shoots I have done with other models:
Jest magazine- myself and a male model
Univision- music video, I was working with the lead singer.
Chris Cardi- I worked/posed aside the designer Chris Cardi
Stuff magazine- I posed with other girls
My American Heart- music video I worked with 3 band members and the lead singer
Braun Razor- I worked with a male model
Enrianna swimwear- posed with another female model
Bon Appetit- hand modeling with male model
Coheed and Cambria- music video, worked with three other girls and the band.

For fashion or editoral shots you will be more focused on the story of the shoot, the clothing, how you two as a couple match, for commercial print shots you will be modeling a product or brand within a story for the ad campaign or catalog.

You should be posing with a model or models that are of similar age unless it is a shot with a family theme with people cast of all ages, and you should be posing in a lifestyle way for commercial print, with energy and personality,- for fashion or editorial you could be touching the other model -for example: Look at Cosmo magazine editorials, sometimes the girl and guy are touching. For shots like this it is best to remember that it is similar to acting. I have posed even naked or semi nude with other models for magazine editorials and ad campaign photo shoots for products and I always think to myself "this is just acting." And with a professional team and crew and photographer you should not feel awkward if everything is explained beforehand. If you don't feel comfortable then leave. There will be other opportunities. I have said NO to some jobs with national magazines because I wasn't comfortable with the content, so always think about the future and "how will this job effect my nexxt job." If you feel it will benefit you then go for it, if not, then move on, and keep working hard, more work will come!

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Anonymous said...

When female models are working with male models, they have to be cautious because there are a lot of fake male models who are preying upon female models, especially when they are inexperienced.

If a female model has to do a shoot with a male model, she should meet with him beforehand and also take a friend with her to the shoot. Parents and other family members should be left behind because they can create problems between the female and male model, especially when they don't like the male model that the female model is posing with. Not to mention, a lot of male models won't even like the idea of a female model's parents or other family members being around.