Monday, May 5, 2008

Modeling printing compcard tips & How to pay for a compcard without a credit card

So you might not have a credit card or a way to pay for the compcards except are some tips for finding a printing place that accepts cash to make your modeling compcard.

Ok, here are my suggestions:

1. When you go to Kinko's or another Joe or jane printing company ask for a POSTcard that is 5x7...not a compcard.
Sometimes you can get a better deal and you can pay for cash.

2. Ask modeling agencies whether you are with them or not, who they suggest for printing a compcard or post card.
My agencies don't make me a compcard- I make my own- and then give them like 20-30 of them. And they advise me on photos and also for the printing. I give the rest to other agencies and I save some for myself for my modeling castings. You will need your compcard for your modeling casting. So don't give them ALL away.

3. Call up advertising agencies, or graphic design companies and ask who they can suggest for printing a large postcard.

4. Sometimes you have to think beyond the typical model ways to get the things you want at the price you postcards + YOUR CITY+ printing. Then when you make the postcard, have it set up like a compcard by just syaing to the design guy/girl " Put one photo on the front, and these 3-4 other photos on the back, or draw out your idea.

5. Be blunt about the amount you want to spend. Ask a printing company...or the compcard place if they can give you a deal. Say you only have 40 bucks, ask what you can get for that. Why not!

6. If the company doesn't except cash you can also still ask if they could and if there is soemthing you can work out. Sometimes if you offer to order a bigger order or even give them a printing tip- you might be able to mail the cash or work something out.

7. Also if you see a postcard at the mall or on the go somewhere start to notice where the printing is done. Usually the printing company will have their credit on the side of the card.


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