Tuesday, May 13, 2008

How to have a green photo shoot

Look hot, plan a photo shoot, and help the earth. Here are a few simple tricks to make your photo shoots more green!

1. Turn off the light boxes when you are not using them. Unplug the light cords when you are not using them and if it is a sunny day why even turn on the lights unless you need them.

2. Use organic makeup and face washes and makeup removers. When it comes to tissues and q-tips use them sparingly and don't waste a a whole handful of tissues if your mascara runs, just use a q-tip to clean up the mess is possible.
Also when in the sun use some mineral-based sunscreen and powder.

3. Bring your own thermos instead of using plastic water bottles off set.

4. When it comes to craft service or orderig lunch use recycled paper napkins, and paper products like paper towels buy biodegradable and recycled paper products. For example: Seventh Generation Tissue

You can rock Eco-beauty!


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