Thursday, May 1, 2008

Getting over your Imperfections as a Model

So you're short, and your hair isn't perfect, you're not so-so skinny, and there is a whole long list of things you're not! But if you only think about WHAT YOU Are NOT you will never use the things you are to get where you want to be!

If you don't know what you have, then how will you ever do the things you want to do?

How will you know what you should do?

Your modeling pursuits should be based around realistic pursuits and if you think like this you will get modeling work in places and outlets that are best for you.

Sure it is always good to beat the odds and chase the challenge, why not even submit your photos to an agency even if they DO have a Height Requirement taller than you...why not try.

But Also.

Think of what you DO HAVE, and how it can be used as a model.

Saying " I want to be in magazines'" isn't enough.

What kind of magazine?
What style of magazine?

Saying you want to work with brands isn't enough.

What kinds of brands?
have you done your research?

A girl I met wanted to get her nose fixed and her mole removed...what did I say to her, ' Why not use your imperfections as a marketing tool." Contact beauty mags and model for them, before you go and get ANYTHING Fixed. Many magazines cover editorials based on fixing your flaws, from beauty, to makeup to style to who knows- Your Imperfection could become a tearsheet in a magazine!

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