Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Do you know what a tearsheet is?

A Tearsheet is a term used by Advertising agencies to denote a page cut or torn from a publication to prove to the client that the advertisement was published. Media buying agencies are often required by clients to provide tear sheets along with a post analysis of any advertising campaign.

A tearsheet is a magazine editoral, an ad campaign, a catalog, and a modeling job that results in print. You could print from a website but a tearsheet tends to be more based around a print you can hold in your hand and that comes out of a magazine, or catalog.

A Tearsheet is also what models use to prove they have worked, a model has to physically rip the magazine editorial that features them out. This action is creating a tearsheet which is then put in a models portfolio book and also used for their modeling compcard. A tearsheet is credit, proof, and exposure to build a portfolio for an aspiring model, and by having tearsheets you can gain more work, and also an agent.

I believe it is best if an aspiring model can get a few tearsheets before they approach an agent, this can mean approaching brands, and magazines yourself, it can involve working with the right photographers as well, and I believe that a model has to be aggressive, creative and with or without an agent think like a marketing person to get ahead as a model. You can't rely on one source to make you a model and you have to make yourself one and even put the effort in to create your own opportunity.

I will be discussing this on Model Talk this week! Tune in to learn the truths behind a tearsheet and why aspiring models need them to get ahead.

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