Thursday, May 22, 2008

Do you have a big chest but look young? Here are some modeling suggestions

I would say that it is best to use your personality to get work and your energy, your clear skin, your clean fresh girl next door look and not your sex appeal. A lot of younger girls try to be sexy to fast and although sex sells it is a tricky thing, especially with a girl who looks young but might have a more curvy body.

Although you won't be able to do children's modeling because of your chest size, you will be able to do commercial print modeling.

I would do a few things to start getting some modeling work and an agent:

1. Start to create photos that show your personality, not your curves. An agent might beturned off by you being too sexy and instead look at the ALLOY catalog or something like seventeen magazine to get inspired for photos. Use a digital camera or have your mom take them if you must. You'll want to create images that show you looking very friendly, happy, up beat. You want to think about adding shoes, handbags, accessories, and jewelry to your shoots. Are you wearing a crop top or just a natural nice tee shirt?

2. To limit the attention your chest gives you, use other parts you have, like your smile and get some nice close ups and headshots.

3. Submit your photos to agencies that are commercial print, or talent agencies that accept models/ actors of all heights and ages.

4. You don't want to hate your chest, but instead perhaps contact brands like even bra companies you use, or some brands that are meant for full chested girls/women and let them know you are an aspiring model, you have a bigger chest and you would like to model for their products.

5. Alot of girls who are petite try to be sexy without thinking of real ways to model, and magazines, and products they can model for. So instead of flaunting your curves for no reason, think of brands, and companies you could be modeling for. There is nothing wrong with emailing them and asking if they need a model.

6. Photos are key! Focus on your images and making them make you look as commercial, girl next door as possible. The girl next door, natural look is in. Not alot of makeup, not anything nuts with the hair, just be you.

Commercial print modeling/ and talent agencies DO accept models of all heights. If you have seen it in an ad or commercial, you know they come from an agency. There are models of all sizes and shapes modeling but they are realistic with yourself.

Until you are 18-25 you should try to be as commercial as possible. This means don't forget your curves, but if you are going to photograph them, shoot them like a catalog, like an ad, or product campaign.

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