Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Create a hair wave, bring some curls and body into your look at your photoshoot-featuring Sally Beauty

You can easily give your tired or dead hair some life before a shoot, here are some tips for giving your hair some bounce!

1. by using hot curlers/ or hair setters, to wake up your hair you will create volumn for even the thinnest hair. And get some curls or waves. Use 5 big hot rollers or 12 smaller ones depending on the curle you want, the bigger rollers make your hair wavey, the smaller ones make it more curly.

2. Use a round brush to roll out the curls from the curlers to make them bigger and more wavey. Or leave them how they are and just shake your head.

3. Blow it out. You can also create volumn by blow drying your your hair and while you do it brush your hair with a Round Brush. Brush under your hair and out. Try this round brush from Sally Beauty.
The Large Thermal Round Brush looks like it would work on most hair. Consider buying a travel size Ion hair dryer because it is easy to carry for your photoshoots.

4. You can also use hair pieces and clip on hair extensions, you can pick a style and color that matchers your own hair color. I think the curly pony tail is cute and the extensions that have some wave.

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