Saturday, May 24, 2008

Can I get modeling photos for free?

I have never had to pay for modeling photos because I contact photographers and pitch to them ideas and try to bring a creative concept to the photographer would be in to and instead of paying I TEST shoot. I also look for photographers who shoot with magazines, and who are serious about their photography. It does matter. It is best to work with someone who is passionate about their work as a photographer and who isn't just "playing" with the idea.

If you want to be serious you want to work with driven and serious people. My first magazine tearsheets came from my own magazine submissions and also working with photographers' who booked work with magazines and then thought of me to be involved with the magazine editoral, since we worked together and the shoot went well.

There are ways to NOT pay for photos if you approach photographers in away that shows you are serious, ambitious, creative, and willing to be involved with the shoot. Such as help style it, pick locations, and pick a time that works for the photographer's schedule.

Many models need help with posing and do not know how to model so they are not able or willing to approach a photographer because they feel they need advice to much. For this situation I would suggest trying to get some camera experience by working with photography students at a local college. If you are at the point of where you feel comfortable infront of the camera then bring ideas to the table. If you want to be in magazines, list a few to the photographer, compliment him/her on the work that intrigues you and let them know that you would like to test. Or if you do have a budget, mention it, and perhaps you can work something out. It is worth a try.

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