Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Are you Googling to get ahead or just checking your own ratings?

We have all Googled our selves at one point or another, or every day, or every hour! I do it too. But I also use Google more than just catalog of lists, I use it as a marketing tool. Here are some tips for using Google as a marketing tool.

1. Think detailed, think big! When you are looking up modeling agencies, don't just put " modeling." or 'modeling agency." Put " print models, print modeling, print modeling agencies." Try it a few ways, but usually if you stick to print, or commercial, commercial print, commercial print modeling agencies you will find what you are looking for. As an aspiring model a print agency, a talent agency will be more accepting of you without the height requirement. Because to model YOU CAN be any height.

2. You can find the names and address's and sometimes the email address of most photo editors, photographers, modeling agencies, and casting directors right on the Internet by Googling. I do this all the time to gain press for my book and also to market myself to magazines myself and mail my compcards.

3. Google some magazines beyond the typical. Try googling: Hair magazine, tech magazine, beauty magazine, ect. Usually there is one out there. Even Golf magazines need commercial print models. Email and call or see if you can get in touch with the photo editors.

4. It helps to have a tearsheet to get ahead as a model, sometimes this means using Google as a promotional tool. So when it comes to flaunting your photos, it is good to do it on your own website, but having your photo on too many of these social networking modeling sites can lead to making you look very amatuer. Instead of trying to be a "babe of the web," so badly....why not look into some brands you could be modeling for by Googling the brand and then the word + marketing and trying to find out: Who is the ad agency that does the marketing for this brand, or who is the brand marketing or pr person. I have done this and gained great connections with shoe companies I have shoe modeled for.

5. Becareful what you post online, on Myspace, on any social network site, it will be captured and usually it stays Forever! Google will love your photos which can be a good thing...but also it can lead to trouble if the photo isn't something you WANT to be captured forever!

I love using Google, I use it every single day and I don't just check out the 30 pages of Google that I am on, I use it as a tool, full of answers if I just seek them out and search!

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