Thursday, May 8, 2008

Are Photos for a Portfolio are needed?

Is it a compcard you need? Or a headshot? A modeling portfolio? What is it? And when do you use the modeling portfolio? And what goes into the modeling portfolio?
You need Them ALL. There tips might help.

1. Well, the modeling portfolio co-sides with the headshot and modeling compcard. It is best to have ALL three. Some castings you go to might only want a headshot, or might only want the compcard, some castings want to see your portfolio, some don't and they just want you to leave your compcard and they take a digital photo of you, or your body part, before you leave. I went to a casting for hands the other day and they just wanted to see my hand, take a digital photo and then I left my compcard, they didn't want to see the portfolio. Still I had it with me, because you never know!

2. Inside your modeling portfolio you need to only show your BEST images and Tearsheets. It is better to show TEN great shots than 20 ok ones.
The best standard size is 12.5 x 9.5
And usually it is BLACK or White. Sometimes girls have their name imprinted on it, sometimes they don't. The high fashion modeling agencies provide the book for their girls, for other models, like myself I make my own modeling portfolio.
To make one you need to show a few things:

A shot that show energy, yor body, a beauty shot and a shot with a product. Your portfolio is a selection of your best work that represent you the best.

3. Sometimes you have re-arrange your portfolio depending on the casting you are going for. Sometimes you might need two modeling books. One for commercial print and one for body part modeling perhaps. If it is a hand modeling casting you obviously bring your body part modeling portfolio but also you might have to re-arrange your portfolio. Lets say the casting is for a softdrink and they want to show couples laughing and enjoying the drink, then this means you want to show in the front of your book ALL your smiles, energy and maybe even a shot with you with a guy laughing - if you have it. Then the first thing the casting director will see is you smile and energy. It is best to think about WHAT DOES THE CASTING DIRECTOR WANT TO SEE, and WHAT IS THIS CASTING FOR AND HOW CAN I LOOK THE MOST LIKE WHAT THEY ARE LOOKING FOR. Sometimes I even ask the agent what type of outfit I should wear to the casting, or if it something I have booked for myself, I research the company first to get vibe on their style and what they would be looking for in the case of image.
You want to show yourself in your portfolio as closest to the idea they have for the ad or the commercial, ect. So targeting and changing your portfolio images order might be needed!

4. A portfolio shows your collection of tearsheets and modeling work, your compcard shows your top images, and a headshot shows your face -usually it is best to make your eyes stand out, looking calm and thoughtful. Or a nice girl next door smile, depending on the roles you are going for.

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