Thursday, May 29, 2008

Posing with other models

From hand modeling to print and music videos, sometimes posing with other models can be awkward if you are not comfortable with the set, theme and understand the style and mood of the shoot. I have enclosed a few photos which show me modeling with other male models.

If you notice they do look around the same age as me, and we do mesh together.

I have worked with other models many times for print, and music videos, I have worked with both girls and guys and it is an important skill and experience to have as a model, especially as a commercial print model, and petite model because you will be posing often with other models.

These are a few of the many shoots I have done with other models:
Jest magazine- myself and a male model
Univision- music video, I was working with the lead singer.
Chris Cardi- I worked/posed aside the designer Chris Cardi
Stuff magazine- I posed with other girls
My American Heart- music video I worked with 3 band members and the lead singer
Braun Razor- I worked with a male model
Enrianna swimwear- posed with another female model
Bon Appetit- hand modeling with male model
Coheed and Cambria- music video, worked with three other girls and the band.

For fashion or editoral shots you will be more focused on the story of the shoot, the clothing, how you two as a couple match, for commercial print shots you will be modeling a product or brand within a story for the ad campaign or catalog.

You should be posing with a model or models that are of similar age unless it is a shot with a family theme with people cast of all ages, and you should be posing in a lifestyle way for commercial print, with energy and personality,- for fashion or editorial you could be touching the other model -for example: Look at Cosmo magazine editorials, sometimes the girl and guy are touching. For shots like this it is best to remember that it is similar to acting. I have posed even naked or semi nude with other models for magazine editorials and ad campaign photo shoots for products and I always think to myself "this is just acting." And with a professional team and crew and photographer you should not feel awkward if everything is explained beforehand. If you don't feel comfortable then leave. There will be other opportunities. I have said NO to some jobs with national magazines because I wasn't comfortable with the content, so always think about the future and "how will this job effect my nexxt job." If you feel it will benefit you then go for it, if not, then move on, and keep working hard, more work will come!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Commercial print modeling agencies

It would be best to look for an agency that books girls of all heights for modeling jobs. To find an agency google: print modeling agencies or agency + NYC ( your city)

here are some in NYC:

Cunningham, Escott & Dipene
Ford Commercial Print ( if you are 5’7’)
Parts Models
Funny face Today MODELS
Flaunt Models

Fleurt Lingerie with Sexy and Sheer panties for a photo shoot

Models who want to model lingerie should include all types of styles of panties and for full back coverage but with a sexy spin a great option would be Fleurt Lingerie.

I really love the photography as well on the website. It shows a great product and a great way to photograph a lingerie model. I suggest the cynthia boy pant for a sexy choice in a sincere style that is sheer and will show your curves. I also like the bra called the cynthia bralet you could pair it with a little jacket or a white buttoned shirt leaving it open and seductive but secret.

Where would I see a commercial print model?

A commercial print model can be found in magazines, billboards, and in ads. A commercial print model is usually used to model a product. A product being anything from socks, to shoes, to tampon ads, to sunglasses, to nail polish, skincare, handbags, hats, and services including insurance, banks, hospitals, drug stores.

A commercial print model is not judge for their height, usually they are chosen based on their look, energy, and personality. A commercial print model usually is an attractive every day looking person.

A commercial print model is needed to model for top brands as well. And body part models are also in the area of commercial print, since body part models are needed to model commercial products such as shaving brands, creams, lotions, and cosmetics.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Setting Summer Time Modeling Goals

I think each season is a great time to make and adjust your modeling goals. If you don't have a modeling agent, if you don't have a tearsheet, if you don't have quality photos well now is the time to start planning for doing the next steps to get what you want.

When it comes to creating your images don't forget the importance of styling, whether it is having the right dress, swimwear, shoes, and accessories, you want all of your shots to look like ads and editorials and this does involve some planning. You will wear many hats and maybe even end up styling your own shoots. It is worth it to invest the time and create images that will get you modeling work,- compared to -just taking a photo.

Alot of girls wonder why they haven't booked any modeling work when really they haven't put the time and effort in, in the right ways.

This summer plan some goals for yourself, and whether it is to better your modeling images, or make a massive submission to magazines, agents, and photographers this summer set your goals and remember...Modeling just doesn't always happen, sometimes you have to make it happen.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Can I get modeling photos for free?

I have never had to pay for modeling photos because I contact photographers and pitch to them ideas and try to bring a creative concept to the photographer would be in to and instead of paying I TEST shoot. I also look for photographers who shoot with magazines, and who are serious about their photography. It does matter. It is best to work with someone who is passionate about their work as a photographer and who isn't just "playing" with the idea.

If you want to be serious you want to work with driven and serious people. My first magazine tearsheets came from my own magazine submissions and also working with photographers' who booked work with magazines and then thought of me to be involved with the magazine editoral, since we worked together and the shoot went well.

There are ways to NOT pay for photos if you approach photographers in away that shows you are serious, ambitious, creative, and willing to be involved with the shoot. Such as help style it, pick locations, and pick a time that works for the photographer's schedule.

Many models need help with posing and do not know how to model so they are not able or willing to approach a photographer because they feel they need advice to much. For this situation I would suggest trying to get some camera experience by working with photography students at a local college. If you are at the point of where you feel comfortable infront of the camera then bring ideas to the table. If you want to be in magazines, list a few to the photographer, compliment him/her on the work that intrigues you and let them know that you would like to test. Or if you do have a budget, mention it, and perhaps you can work something out. It is worth a try.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Report Shoes are great shoes for height

If you want to gain a few inches or more at your next photo shoot then I suggest trying a pair of Report Shoes. The shoes and heels are strong, sturdy and trendy.

I love this style above, the Gala has a heel that makes you almost as tall as a giraffe. ( hence in my book when I refer to the taller models as giraffes.) The Gala heel is almost 5 inches!!

As a petite model I am always looking for great tall shoes for my photo shoot that can give me some extra inches, and just by wearing high heels my legs look toner. Even for a photoshoot where my feet are not captured I still like to wear heels because it gives my legs and torso a longer look on film or on camera.

I love being petite,- sure maybe an extra couple inches would be cool-but I know I can get modeling work regardless, honestly I love being petite because I GET to wear hot shoes like these!

If you check out the heels at Report shoes there are a lot of awesome heels!

Wildly sexy and alluring platform peep-toe slingbacks to take your look to new heights

Thursday, May 22, 2008

There is no height requirement for commercial print.

There is plenty of commercial print modeling agencies out there, and they do not judge their models based on height, but instead it is based more on a specific look or type or personality.

Even if there is a height requirement but you feel you have quality photos, energy and can measure up to the models on the agencies website then you might as well submit your photos by mail or go the open call.

Why not. What do you have to lose. It might take a few tries to get a modeling agency but you should at least try.

Research. Submit. again. and again. Because the best agent you will ever have will be you!

Do you have a big chest but look young? Here are some modeling suggestions

I would say that it is best to use your personality to get work and your energy, your clear skin, your clean fresh girl next door look and not your sex appeal. A lot of younger girls try to be sexy to fast and although sex sells it is a tricky thing, especially with a girl who looks young but might have a more curvy body.

Although you won't be able to do children's modeling because of your chest size, you will be able to do commercial print modeling.

I would do a few things to start getting some modeling work and an agent:

1. Start to create photos that show your personality, not your curves. An agent might beturned off by you being too sexy and instead look at the ALLOY catalog or something like seventeen magazine to get inspired for photos. Use a digital camera or have your mom take them if you must. You'll want to create images that show you looking very friendly, happy, up beat. You want to think about adding shoes, handbags, accessories, and jewelry to your shoots. Are you wearing a crop top or just a natural nice tee shirt?

2. To limit the attention your chest gives you, use other parts you have, like your smile and get some nice close ups and headshots.

3. Submit your photos to agencies that are commercial print, or talent agencies that accept models/ actors of all heights and ages.

4. You don't want to hate your chest, but instead perhaps contact brands like even bra companies you use, or some brands that are meant for full chested girls/women and let them know you are an aspiring model, you have a bigger chest and you would like to model for their products.

5. Alot of girls who are petite try to be sexy without thinking of real ways to model, and magazines, and products they can model for. So instead of flaunting your curves for no reason, think of brands, and companies you could be modeling for. There is nothing wrong with emailing them and asking if they need a model.

6. Photos are key! Focus on your images and making them make you look as commercial, girl next door as possible. The girl next door, natural look is in. Not alot of makeup, not anything nuts with the hair, just be you.

Commercial print modeling/ and talent agencies DO accept models of all heights. If you have seen it in an ad or commercial, you know they come from an agency. There are models of all sizes and shapes modeling but they are realistic with yourself.

Until you are 18-25 you should try to be as commercial as possible. This means don't forget your curves, but if you are going to photograph them, shoot them like a catalog, like an ad, or product campaign.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Do you know what a tearsheet is?

A Tearsheet is a term used by Advertising agencies to denote a page cut or torn from a publication to prove to the client that the advertisement was published. Media buying agencies are often required by clients to provide tear sheets along with a post analysis of any advertising campaign.

A tearsheet is a magazine editoral, an ad campaign, a catalog, and a modeling job that results in print. You could print from a website but a tearsheet tends to be more based around a print you can hold in your hand and that comes out of a magazine, or catalog.

A Tearsheet is also what models use to prove they have worked, a model has to physically rip the magazine editorial that features them out. This action is creating a tearsheet which is then put in a models portfolio book and also used for their modeling compcard. A tearsheet is credit, proof, and exposure to build a portfolio for an aspiring model, and by having tearsheets you can gain more work, and also an agent.

I believe it is best if an aspiring model can get a few tearsheets before they approach an agent, this can mean approaching brands, and magazines yourself, it can involve working with the right photographers as well, and I believe that a model has to be aggressive, creative and with or without an agent think like a marketing person to get ahead as a model. You can't rely on one source to make you a model and you have to make yourself one and even put the effort in to create your own opportunity.

I will be discussing this on Model Talk this week! Tune in to learn the truths behind a tearsheet and why aspiring models need them to get ahead.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Do you know more than your makeup artist?

I think a model should also know how to do her own makeup, fix flaws and blemishes and be able to basically look the part without the help.

The reason: Sometimes a makeup artist isn't there, or something there is little time to have your makeup fully done and it is a good idea to know at least how to apply foundation that limits shine, especially on your forehead, nose, and between your eye brows, and at least put on some mascara and curl the lashes nicely.

Here are some brands you might want to look into when it comes to picking out some makeup for yourself as well.

When it comes to finding a brand meant for the entertainment business consider Mehron, -consider their lip creams.

I also love the sound of this makeup brand called Naked Cosmetics. Their quote is
" if it isn't naked it's not natural."

The first thing a girl might think of when she hears the word Spray On Tan is legs, arms, back, stomach, but-don't forget the face! For airbrush makeup for your face you can consider Kett Cosmetics. It is nice to use because you can also even out your skintone and cover any blemishes.

It is worth it to have your own makeup kit, even if it just has the basics.

want a runway handbag without the price tag? Barrow a bag

I have heard of this new trend of borrowing a bag, from fashion sites like or For a membership fee that is about $5 to $15 per month, plus a cost of shipping you can barrow designer handbags for your photo shoots. I haven't tried it yet but it might be something to mention to your stylists at your next photo shoot. If you don't have a Coach or Betsey Johnson bag or you want to borrow a hot clutch from MAX AZRIA or BVLGARI to spice up your accessories at your next shoot, then you might want to consider borrowing a bag for $13.00/week or $40.00/month if you are a member. And if you are a visitor at the website it is $30.00/week or $60.00/month.

You could stuff the bag with newspaper and keep it clean at your shoot.

It sure seems interesting. If you do it let me know how it goes! I just worry about getting it ruined.

(you can also borrow jewelry)

Modeling legs: Do you have nice legs?

If you have nice legs and if you are not 5'10 you can still be a leg model. Why not get some shots taken of your legs in a commercial way. Just of your legs. Wearing high heels, and boots, and socks, and sandals.

Bend one leg and a good example would be looking in a Victoria Secret catalog and focusing on the shoes they feature and the ways the model show the shoes. Watch her poses.

You could wear a skirt, or bathing suit, or panty, but it would be a good idea to have the photography focus on cropping the shot so that the focus is your legs and so it looks like an ad for a pair of shoes or skincare product.

A petite girl is needed to wear size six shoes for leg modeling, shoe modeling and body part modeling, so consider making and taking some shots of your legs as a parts shot.

It would be a good idea to put together a parts card as well and mail it to agencies that specialize in parts modeling or commercial print modeling.

Just because you are not super tall doesn’t mean you can’t model with some top brands as a leg model.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Kett Cosmetics makes a clean fresh look and appearance at The Makeup Show!

Kett Cosmetics is a great choice for models to consider when it comes to learning about airbrush makeup and also having it applied for their photo shoots for a fresh, clean look,- and tomorrow I will be stopping by their display at The Makeup Show!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

model spirit

When in doubt be realistic with yourself and focus on all you can be and all you already are! Sometimes we dot give ourselves enough credit for what we have acomplished so relish those feats and chase more in stride

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Create a hair wave, bring some curls and body into your look at your photoshoot-featuring Sally Beauty

You can easily give your tired or dead hair some life before a shoot, here are some tips for giving your hair some bounce!

1. by using hot curlers/ or hair setters, to wake up your hair you will create volumn for even the thinnest hair. And get some curls or waves. Use 5 big hot rollers or 12 smaller ones depending on the curle you want, the bigger rollers make your hair wavey, the smaller ones make it more curly.

2. Use a round brush to roll out the curls from the curlers to make them bigger and more wavey. Or leave them how they are and just shake your head.

3. Blow it out. You can also create volumn by blow drying your your hair and while you do it brush your hair with a Round Brush. Brush under your hair and out. Try this round brush from Sally Beauty.
The Large Thermal Round Brush looks like it would work on most hair. Consider buying a travel size Ion hair dryer because it is easy to carry for your photoshoots.

4. You can also use hair pieces and clip on hair extensions, you can pick a style and color that matchers your own hair color. I think the curly pony tail is cute and the extensions that have some wave.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Model Talk Swimwear Photo Shoots 101

This week on Model Talk at 8pm on Weds I will be discussing some tips for having a swimwear photo shoot and how to plan and prepare. Along with swimwear trends and tips for finding a bathingsuit for under $100.

Tune in at 8pm at Weds at

How to have a green photo shoot

Look hot, plan a photo shoot, and help the earth. Here are a few simple tricks to make your photo shoots more green!

1. Turn off the light boxes when you are not using them. Unplug the light cords when you are not using them and if it is a sunny day why even turn on the lights unless you need them.

2. Use organic makeup and face washes and makeup removers. When it comes to tissues and q-tips use them sparingly and don't waste a a whole handful of tissues if your mascara runs, just use a q-tip to clean up the mess is possible.
Also when in the sun use some mineral-based sunscreen and powder.

3. Bring your own thermos instead of using plastic water bottles off set.

4. When it comes to craft service or orderig lunch use recycled paper napkins, and paper products like paper towels buy biodegradable and recycled paper products. For example: Seventh Generation Tissue

You can rock Eco-beauty!

Spread the word

Monday, May 12, 2008

it's been 90 days and you haven't been paid for your modeling job

If it has been 90 days and you haven't been paid by your modeling agency, or the casting director or casting service, then you should call them, email them and ask about the payment.

You need to keep track of the agencies owe you money and their contact information.
Usually it could be just a simple delay, but sometimes you want to call and check up for a few days if you haven't heard from the agency after 90 days.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Can I get modeling work without meeting an agent?


I booked my first magazine tearsheets and got my first roles as a TV extra and as a lead in a music video that aired on MTV through my own persistance and submissions.

You can mail your headshot to casting directors yourself, and then you will get a call from the agency and get a time and location and you will be told to bring your Social Security Card and ID and you will be told what you wear.

I have been booked sometimes and never seen the casting director face to face.
You might never see this casting director face to face, or you might come in and meet with them, but it is normal if you don't. For background work usually it is just a certain look they need and the personal relationship between casting director and background extra does not happen.

On the other hand with a commercial print modeling agency - you will go in and meet face to face the agent. With all of my commercial print modeling agencies I have met them face to face. Because they will be sending you on more selective castings and they will want to see you in person. Which means if you change your look you would want to confront them about it.

Also by working with photographers who submit to magazines and work with commercial clients I have also gained modeling tearsheets. It is good to work with photographers who are as driven as you are!

I have also submitted myself to roles for music videos ( for example: Coheed and Cambria, Univision, My American Heart, and many more) just by my own mailings to the production studio or the electronic casting.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Are Photos for a Portfolio are needed?

Is it a compcard you need? Or a headshot? A modeling portfolio? What is it? And when do you use the modeling portfolio? And what goes into the modeling portfolio?
You need Them ALL. There tips might help.

1. Well, the modeling portfolio co-sides with the headshot and modeling compcard. It is best to have ALL three. Some castings you go to might only want a headshot, or might only want the compcard, some castings want to see your portfolio, some don't and they just want you to leave your compcard and they take a digital photo of you, or your body part, before you leave. I went to a casting for hands the other day and they just wanted to see my hand, take a digital photo and then I left my compcard, they didn't want to see the portfolio. Still I had it with me, because you never know!

2. Inside your modeling portfolio you need to only show your BEST images and Tearsheets. It is better to show TEN great shots than 20 ok ones.
The best standard size is 12.5 x 9.5
And usually it is BLACK or White. Sometimes girls have their name imprinted on it, sometimes they don't. The high fashion modeling agencies provide the book for their girls, for other models, like myself I make my own modeling portfolio.
To make one you need to show a few things:

A shot that show energy, yor body, a beauty shot and a shot with a product. Your portfolio is a selection of your best work that represent you the best.

3. Sometimes you have re-arrange your portfolio depending on the casting you are going for. Sometimes you might need two modeling books. One for commercial print and one for body part modeling perhaps. If it is a hand modeling casting you obviously bring your body part modeling portfolio but also you might have to re-arrange your portfolio. Lets say the casting is for a softdrink and they want to show couples laughing and enjoying the drink, then this means you want to show in the front of your book ALL your smiles, energy and maybe even a shot with you with a guy laughing - if you have it. Then the first thing the casting director will see is you smile and energy. It is best to think about WHAT DOES THE CASTING DIRECTOR WANT TO SEE, and WHAT IS THIS CASTING FOR AND HOW CAN I LOOK THE MOST LIKE WHAT THEY ARE LOOKING FOR. Sometimes I even ask the agent what type of outfit I should wear to the casting, or if it something I have booked for myself, I research the company first to get vibe on their style and what they would be looking for in the case of image.
You want to show yourself in your portfolio as closest to the idea they have for the ad or the commercial, ect. So targeting and changing your portfolio images order might be needed!

4. A portfolio shows your collection of tearsheets and modeling work, your compcard shows your top images, and a headshot shows your face -usually it is best to make your eyes stand out, looking calm and thoughtful. Or a nice girl next door smile, depending on the roles you are going for.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Short Girls Guide to Modeling

So you don't think you can model? Or maybe you were told you were just too short? Isobella Jade, the author of the book called: Almost 5'4"- hence her height, gives us the scoop on how at only five foot and one inch she still became a model.

I like to think that one inch helps but it doesn't. Really and honestly when it comes down to feet and inches, I have no shot of modeling if you are considering the standard requirements of the modeling industry. That hasn't stopped me though and I have been able to still get an impressive resume from my own will and persistence. Mainly this is because I haven't given up. My portfolio of shoots for Braun Razor, Time Magazine, Urge, Woman's World, Bon Appetit, and Marshalls is proof that the short girl can surpass in the modeling business. I pride myself in knowing that I have gotten jobs that many petite females would scream over in shock. I don't walk the runway under the tent at Bryant Park but I have learned to use what I got, (great eyes, great skin, a proportioned body, great hands, and feet, and some junk in my trunk- my behind) to over come what I don't (height). It has worked and helped me to get ahead. I have made modeling more about marketing, and with this unconventional thinking I have gained a surprising title as "Model," despite my nickname as "itty bitty." So if you don't think you can model, you better look in the mirror again. That is tip number 1.

Here are three tips from The Short Girls Guide to Modeling to help you get a start.

Look in the mirror: and get over the inches you lack and start paying attention to the inches of what you got. You might think modeling is only seen in sexy men's magazines or Towering Tall fashion magazines, but this is simply not true. The first step involves getting over the short sighted mindset that you might have. If you want to model and you are not 5'7" or taller there is still a lot of modeling you can do, but you have to understand where you fit into the modeling industry. Start by taking a look at your skin, your hands, your feet, and your facial features and even your curves. All of these items can help you become a model.

Do you have nice feet?: I have done a lot shoe modeling for Brown Shoe, and an ad campaign shoe modeling for Marshalls recently, and also shooting editorials involving Nina shoes. I have a size six foot, small yes, but it is also the sample size for many commercial shoe companies and they always need a technical shoe model, or models for their shoe shows three- five times a year. Suddenly the struggle I once had while finding a shoe in my size at the shoe salon, has become my perfect fit profession as a shoe model.

Putting your Petite Proportions to Work: Even though I am not a teenager anymore, I have done fit modeling for a children's clothing line and for teen fashion magazines because of my petite size. Maybe you are a size ten or twelve kids and you didn't even know it. There is a whole industry for children and teen fit modeling. Also a lot of actors are petite which means for us "shorties," we can act as their body doubles, stand-ins, and fit models, for them. I did this for Rachel Bilson and Christina Ricci because all three of us are petite.

Put your bright eyes and pretty eye lashes to use: Why not consider that modeling is also for modeling eye glasses, sun glasses, and beauty products. Which has nothing to do with height, and all to do with your unique features.

Helping Hand for modeling: If your hands are clean with very few or no blemishes then hand modeling can get you into the modeling door too. There is a whole business for hand models, think about it, nail polish, creams, and even Cooking magazines, and companies like Wendy's, Verizon, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Vaseline, they all need hand models. If George could do it on Seinfeld, so can you! Someone's got to hold that hamburger in the next fast food ad campaign. Also remember that jewelry companies need hand models too, and neck models, ear models. Even if you are not tall, if you have great legs you can still be used for fitness modeling and hosiery modeling, and now all you need is photos of your beautiful parts. (I have a huge scar on my left knee, so even if you have a scar, screw it, you can still model.)

My second tip is based on getting these images that you need: If you want to get into modeling and you don't want to be another Internet model then skip the Internet all together and use the free tools available in your own city, town or neighborhood.

On your own, it might seem impossible to find a decent photographer who can hold the camera steady and who won't cost you an arm and a leg and who isn't your boyfriend or sister, but you can get images for free and good ones, if you are a savvy model. Use the Internet in ways beyond just showcasing your photo on the latest Internet modeling website or Myspace page, and instead Google the words "Photographer + (your city)." Hopefully what will appear are professional photographers in your city that shoot full time and take photography seriously. The biggest mistake new models make is working with people who aren't ambitious, serious and professional. To start: ask the photographer on the phone or through an email, what he or she is currently working on and if the photographer does any photography testing. Before you hack out money why not ask if there is something the photographer is currently working on that you can be involved with. Usually photographers have projects that involve testing out an idea or concept and they need models to practice on. This means you will end up getting images and also have a professional experience, in a professional atmosphere. Also the photographer might consider working with you for free if you give the photographer an interesting concept. Why not bring some ideas to the table. If you want to shoot for hair magazines or beauty products why not come out bluntly and say "I want to shoot some beauty and hair modeling shots, would you be interesting in testing?" I truly believe models need to be more involved, persistence and vocal with their pursuits from day one. I think modeling does involve a lot of thinking, marketing, and conceptualizing. I would like to make modeling more about being inventive and smart than being a silly muse for the afternoon or rag doll to be bossed around.

If you have no luck with contacting professional photographers yourself by finding professionals in your town then hit up the local colleges or schools. Most colleges or trade schools have a photography department. There is no harm in going in and saying up front that you are interested in modeling for some of their classes and this way you will get photos and you wont have to pay a dime and if you listen up you might even learn a thing or two about photography too. The Internet is a great source, but when it comes to launching your modeling career I wouldn't rely on one source. You can use the Internet for more than only to flaunt your photo on your Myspace page. Start researching photographers who can get you quality photos without the price of frustration or scams. By the way my first tear sheet in Woman's World magazine came from a photographer not a modeling agency. So use your personality and sell your goals to those who are ambitious like you and you might get a tear sheet too.

My third tip is Use Inventive Thinking: Even if you have your photos, some agencies still won't give you the time of day because you are not of the standard height. So instead of getting let down, ask the agent or agency booker what it will take to get your on their modeling board. Asking questions shows you are serious and just because someone says no doesn't mean it will always be a no. As a petite model you have to prove that you are capable of being a model before an agency will accept you. For this, focus on getting some exposure which will impress a booker at an agency. Think about the products you love that might not have a lot of advertising yet

Take notice to the jeans, hair products, jewelry and shoes you already use and love. Do these companies have a model for their advertising? Go ahead and Google the name of the product and see if they have a website and any models representing their brand. Then contact the company through phone or email, and try to get in touch with the marketing department, and ask if you could mail them a headshot and ask if they ever consider models. It is worth a shot. It could lead to an opportunity. Sometimes you have to make the opportunity happen yourself.

It is ok to go local and it can be the best way to find easy modeling work, so also I would hit up hair and beauty salons right in your town. As a petite model you might not have the height for fashion but you can surely model for the signage and ads for your local hair salons or a start -up company in your town. If you live in a bigger city there is usually a magazine based around that city so you can always submit your photo to the magazine right in your town for a chance to be in an editorial or even on the cover. When you want to model and you are the underdog in height you have to think beyond the typical ways to get into the door. If you want to get a modeling agency you need to flaunt your best features and get over the fact that you are consider short and show off what you do have instead. If you want to model jeans for an ad campaign, start by putting some on and doing a shoot while wearing them. Remember even grocery stores need models!

Suddenly you will find that modeling isn't only about height or being overly sexy or tall, and that it is mainly about using what you got!

Isobella Jade is the author of "Almost 5'4'" and she speaks on her modeling podcast called Model Talk weekly

First published here:

Modeling marketing tips: How to get the Most of out Google Search

This evening at 8pm on MODEL TALK, I hope you enjoy a segment about how to use Google to get ahead as a model, aspiring model, freelance model, and model of all heights and sizes. I will cover:

1.How to use Google to get the info your need to market yourself to agents, magazines, photographers and more!

2. How to Google to find emails and promote yourself through emailing editors, agents, photographers and more!

3. How reading the news can lead to a Google search and a modeling job!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Are you Googling to get ahead or just checking your own ratings?

We have all Googled our selves at one point or another, or every day, or every hour! I do it too. But I also use Google more than just catalog of lists, I use it as a marketing tool. Here are some tips for using Google as a marketing tool.

1. Think detailed, think big! When you are looking up modeling agencies, don't just put " modeling." or 'modeling agency." Put " print models, print modeling, print modeling agencies." Try it a few ways, but usually if you stick to print, or commercial, commercial print, commercial print modeling agencies you will find what you are looking for. As an aspiring model a print agency, a talent agency will be more accepting of you without the height requirement. Because to model YOU CAN be any height.

2. You can find the names and address's and sometimes the email address of most photo editors, photographers, modeling agencies, and casting directors right on the Internet by Googling. I do this all the time to gain press for my book and also to market myself to magazines myself and mail my compcards.

3. Google some magazines beyond the typical. Try googling: Hair magazine, tech magazine, beauty magazine, ect. Usually there is one out there. Even Golf magazines need commercial print models. Email and call or see if you can get in touch with the photo editors.

4. It helps to have a tearsheet to get ahead as a model, sometimes this means using Google as a promotional tool. So when it comes to flaunting your photos, it is good to do it on your own website, but having your photo on too many of these social networking modeling sites can lead to making you look very amatuer. Instead of trying to be a "babe of the web," so badly....why not look into some brands you could be modeling for by Googling the brand and then the word + marketing and trying to find out: Who is the ad agency that does the marketing for this brand, or who is the brand marketing or pr person. I have done this and gained great connections with shoe companies I have shoe modeled for.

5. Becareful what you post online, on Myspace, on any social network site, it will be captured and usually it stays Forever! Google will love your photos which can be a good thing...but also it can lead to trouble if the photo isn't something you WANT to be captured forever!

I love using Google, I use it every single day and I don't just check out the 30 pages of Google that I am on, I use it as a tool, full of answers if I just seek them out and search!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Modeling printing compcard tips & How to pay for a compcard without a credit card

So you might not have a credit card or a way to pay for the compcards except are some tips for finding a printing place that accepts cash to make your modeling compcard.

Ok, here are my suggestions:

1. When you go to Kinko's or another Joe or jane printing company ask for a POSTcard that is 5x7...not a compcard.
Sometimes you can get a better deal and you can pay for cash.

2. Ask modeling agencies whether you are with them or not, who they suggest for printing a compcard or post card.
My agencies don't make me a compcard- I make my own- and then give them like 20-30 of them. And they advise me on photos and also for the printing. I give the rest to other agencies and I save some for myself for my modeling castings. You will need your compcard for your modeling casting. So don't give them ALL away.

3. Call up advertising agencies, or graphic design companies and ask who they can suggest for printing a large postcard.

4. Sometimes you have to think beyond the typical model ways to get the things you want at the price you postcards + YOUR CITY+ printing. Then when you make the postcard, have it set up like a compcard by just syaing to the design guy/girl " Put one photo on the front, and these 3-4 other photos on the back, or draw out your idea.

5. Be blunt about the amount you want to spend. Ask a printing company...or the compcard place if they can give you a deal. Say you only have 40 bucks, ask what you can get for that. Why not!

6. If the company doesn't except cash you can also still ask if they could and if there is soemthing you can work out. Sometimes if you offer to order a bigger order or even give them a printing tip- you might be able to mail the cash or work something out.

7. Also if you see a postcard at the mall or on the go somewhere start to notice where the printing is done. Usually the printing company will have their credit on the side of the card.


Using Google to get ahead as a Model, this week on Model Talk

Well, I always use Google, every day, to research and it has helped me ot get ahead.

This weeks segment on Model Talk, is about using GOOGLE to get ahead as a model.

This weeks segment is about using GOOGLE to get ahead as a model.
The best thing to do is to keep striving! Keep researching, keep shooting and promoting yourself.

It might take some time before you find a good agency that calls you more constantly, or before you get some modeling work and tearsheets but don't undermind the opportunity you can also create for yourself by being active within your pursuits! Like using Google as a great research tool!

This week, on Weds at 8pm, I will be discussing on Model Talk, my modeling podcast, ways you can use Google to get ahead as a model, with just a click of the mouse!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Modeling opportunity for ALL Kinds and Ages

I get daily breakdowns of acting and modeling jobs from http://www.AFFORDAB - you can join by also emailing:

And I recently saw a post that read "We are looking for fresh healthy, vibrant people between 50 to 60 years old to enjoy a day on location at beach house or lake environment / lifestyle imagery."

Then I saw another one that was looking for Mexican Men for a TVPilot, shows there there is work for everyone!

So go get em! No more excuses! Forget your flaws! Chase what you want because opportunity only awaits you!

isobella jade

Before you apply to that modeling casting or acting job...a few things to remember

Before you anxious and you let your heart rate pound with excitment for the unknown of what this casting could lead too: here are a few things to first consider.

When looking at the casting posted, whether it is a breakdown, on the Internet casting websites, on Craigslist, -where-ever! Always. Always Google the production company, the brand, or photographer's name. It is best to find out who are the people who are running this job, casting, film, ect.

It is a good thing to: Find out a little info about the brand, person, company and it will give you a vibe for how this job would be for your resume and if the company, photographer, job seems quality.

Also there is no harm in replying and asking for more info,-which will tell you more about the job

Also if the name of the production team, photographer, product, isn't bluntly mentioned, then notice the email and the name attached to the dot com, -put the dot com name in your browser and research the brand and person who is posting the post...if it is some packaging company, looking for models this might seem odd but really production teams of all kinds need models, but still if you are not sure and feel it might be a scam then why not call the company and ask...are you currently looking for models, I saw a post and it lead me to your company....I am just curious if this is correct?

There are alot scams and jerks out there. So it is better to be careful, cautious and curious, along with ambitious!

It is great to self promote, but it means to also watch your back and be smart about your pusuits!


Thursday, May 1, 2008

Getting over your Imperfections as a Model

So you're short, and your hair isn't perfect, you're not so-so skinny, and there is a whole long list of things you're not! But if you only think about WHAT YOU Are NOT you will never use the things you are to get where you want to be!

If you don't know what you have, then how will you ever do the things you want to do?

How will you know what you should do?

Your modeling pursuits should be based around realistic pursuits and if you think like this you will get modeling work in places and outlets that are best for you.

Sure it is always good to beat the odds and chase the challenge, why not even submit your photos to an agency even if they DO have a Height Requirement taller than you...why not try.

But Also.

Think of what you DO HAVE, and how it can be used as a model.

Saying " I want to be in magazines'" isn't enough.

What kind of magazine?
What style of magazine?

Saying you want to work with brands isn't enough.

What kinds of brands?
have you done your research?

A girl I met wanted to get her nose fixed and her mole removed...what did I say to her, ' Why not use your imperfections as a marketing tool." Contact beauty mags and model for them, before you go and get ANYTHING Fixed. Many magazines cover editorials based on fixing your flaws, from beauty, to makeup to style to who knows- Your Imperfection could become a tearsheet in a magazine!