Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What it takes to be a model

I don't think it takes just one or two things. I think it takes ALOT of things. To get work as a model you have to have your marketing tools, your photos are always number one. The next thing is the agent, the help, the assistance, or you can self serve and promote yourself by mailing out your marketing material, compcards, headshots, a printed portfolio out to magazines, newspapers and brands you want to work with. I think in today age the Internet can be a help but also a hurt so you have to be careful about NOT marketing yourself too much off the Internet and relying on one source.

Because today acomplishment, credits, exposure might not equal tomorrows.

If you want to model think about what you want to model. Don't just model to show your self for no reason at all, model because modeling is really about modeling a product a brand, and start to understand that modeling means marketing.
Not just marketing yourself but marketing products, and it even involves personality and being able to sell.

The aerhead model is not my style, either is the trashy girl. When I think of a model, I think of products, cosmetics, brands, magazines, not just foo foo fluffy modeling without a point.

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