Sunday, April 13, 2008

So you didn't get the modeling what?

So maybe you went to the casting, brought you game face, brought your energy and photos but you didn't get the job. Now what?

Well here are some tips to getting over NOT GETTING THE Modeling JOB.

1. Just because you didn't get print ad, well that doesn't mean you should stop trying. Don't let one setback hold you back.

2. Get busy again and quick! Submit your photo, go to the modeling casting, meet the agent, mail your pictures,-whatever it may be... and then forget about it, don't dwell..just get busy again. The moment you let ONE opportunity define your success you will never get anywhere.

3. SET realistic goals. Write them down. Perhaps one can be "BE in a magazine within this year." Or " Be involved with a television show or get background work or a feature in a magazine in_so and so time frame___"

4. Learn. Take away something from each opportunity. Each thing is a step. Each day, each encounter, each job, and with each one learn something about growing as a person and model.

5. Know ahead of time WHAT the casting involves by asking questions to your agent or the one hosting the casting. Knowing what to wear, or what will be expected is always nice ahead of time so you can give the casting director the LOOK they are looking for.

6. Observe. Look around you and it is ok to notice what other people are doing, and even though modeling is suppose to be cut throat and full of snotty models you can actually learn a thing or two by just nicely asking another girl, " what agency do you work with?" Or "How did you hear about this casting or job?" sometimes the answer can give you insight into other opportunities out there you can use. This is how I found Craigslist.

7. Treat yourself like a business. Have your marketing material. And show photos that represent what the casting is looking for. If the casting is for a teenage model and you are going to go because you look young....then don't go to the casting looking TOO revealing in your clothing or way conservative....look at some teen magazines ahead of time and get an idea of what TEENS look like. Prepare by doing some homework.

I have a casting this week for shoe modeling so I get a pedicure....but also I get a manicure because hands and feet alot of times go together in the print ad...also if I will be putting on shoes, then the casting director will most likely SEE my hands and I want them to look nice.

Go to your casting with a CLUE...don't be clueless and an airhead. KNOW what you are doing. And remember a NO is never a NO Forever and sometimes if you get a no the first time it can just mean the next time you might get a yes. So Don't give up!

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