Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Should models email or send their modeling photos in the mail?

Should you mail or email magaiznes?
Should you mail or email modeling agencies?
Should you mail or email casting directors?

I love emailing! I love googling, it is how I have booked work as a model. But then again I have plenty of modeling credits to show I am capable in tear sheets and brand names I have worked with. I think sending emails to brands shouldn't be stopped or done alone. It is important to email and then send your card by mail.

Same for magazines. And when submitting to a modeling agency or talent agencies.

I think getting exposure takes more than being on a social network, it take more than just having a compcard and headshot, it takes a lot of persistence, energy and mailing, and promotion. It takes all of these things to manage your self promotion.

I mail. I email. I google!
I have gotten global press on my book and myself by email and using it is a free tool to get in touch and ask questions and find out answers.

But yes snail mail is more professional. I know the hype is about internet websites, social sites, and the such, but actually mailing a compcard does the marketing trick. Think about it this way:

It seems Myspace and social sites are even a little over-popular, so why not do something different, than send them again to your Myspace page?

Having an old fashion compcard and headshot printed is not to be looked past.
Sending your photos in the mail the old fashion way is also the norm for casting directors and agencies who receive a TON of mail a day. noticed, be remembered, make an impression, and don't forget the importance of snail mail. Send a letter with it.

Sometimes I wish I could create a full sized photo of myself and send it by mail all folded up like a would come in a little envelope and then open up to a full size picture of me! Wouldn't THAT be impressive? Mmmm maybe I will pursue this!

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