Monday, April 14, 2008

Petite Models are not needed!!!!

It is a struggle for the petite model to find an agency and I find this is a question and comment I get alot from aspiring models.

Usually an agency wont say LOOKING FOR PETITE MODELS. And usually there are not agencies that are bluntly petite. ( only a few I have found anyways)
But there is modeling work for petite models if you are realistic.

If you submit your photos and show your range and diversity to a print modeling or lifestyle agency you have a bigger chance than trying to be something you aren't. Don't stress over your height if you don't have it...let the tall girls worry about that!

Don't worry about not being tall enough. Because modeling is more than height.

Instead of noticing where short models aren't, Start noticing where they are!

While knowing the modeling industry doesn't welcome the petite size in terms of fashion the petite model needs to find work in other avenues and ways.

Print. Catalog, Body part. Hair modeling, beauty. Editorial.

But no matter what it is a tough business. Even tall models have it tough and no height or look can promise success as a model or modeling work at all.
nly a few patch of models work every day or week with national brands and make a serious living from modeling. But petite models are seen in commercials all the time, print editorials and ad campaigns.

The serious don't settle!

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