Sunday, April 27, 2008

Models can Market themselves like a Small business

Please don't waste your time. Going to open calls at places that are modeling schools. I am NOT a fan of Modeling Schools... I would instead get a book on marketing and learn how to market yourself like a small business. Modeling schools usually are just meant to make a girl FEEL like a model not be one. We all have made that mistake one way or another.

If you are booking one modeling job a year but it is quality then it is better than wasting your time with ALOT of the wrong type of jobs, people, places, and agencies.

Contests are a waste of time unless it is with a company that has an amazing track record. Not a scam. I personally don't do contests much at all.. I would rather submit my compcard to magazines and modeling agencies that deal with models of ALL heights.

I would try to get some tearsheets in magazines yourself and then make a compcard., and then go to the modeling agencies you want to work with...usually if you have some tearsheets you will have a better time getting in the door where you want to get in.

Also another website to see is called

The guy has a good message as well for newbie models.

The agencies you want to work with are not strickly modeling...some agencies get stuck up with the sound of "Modeling agency," so I would also try to find talent, and casting directors. You need to get something on your modeling resume, /portfolio. You need to network with aspiring designers, and start to launch yourself.

For some ideas:

GOOGLE: YOUR CITY+ magazines
Google: YOUR CITY Photography

Research them and Email them your headshot, saying if they need an editorial model you are available. Sometimes you have to work for free to get ahead but it is worth it because a GOOD tearsheet can lead to more work that will pay.

Be a smart model, promote what you got: Say " I have great skin, hair and I am interested in modeling for your editorials." Tell a photographer " I have a lot of ideas and energy an I would love to plan a shoot with you. Do you test models?

You Don't have to take your clothes off to get ahead and you can manage yourself until you get some agencies on your side but then again even with agencies you still are promoting yourself the word of SUPER MODEL isn't the norm anymore, it is about marketing and self promoting, researching and making a business of your goals and being involved with them.

We need agents and agencies because the CLIENTS go to them. And we want to be with the agency so we can hear about the casting and hopfully book the job, but it is possible to skip the middle man in modeling and get in touch with the brands. But you need to have your marketing tools

compcard, headshot, portfolio and it is best to NOT send them to your Myspace account, it is better the mail the marketing director directly to the office. With a note saying something similar to above.

Gotta run hope this helps.

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