Thursday, April 3, 2008

Modeling to get ahead and modeling to get NO where? which are you?

Are you shooting to get ahead as a model, or are you shooting to just call yourself a model? Are you overconsumed with your fan club, hits and clicks? or are you working with magazines and booking modeling work with brands and taking on modeling jobs that will infact get you more modeling work?

The word model has changed a lot in the past 10 years and to be honest before I googled the word model in 2001, I didn't really understand what one was, I wasn't reading a ton of magazines, just YM and maybe the ALLOY catalog now and then, but modeling wasn't so much of a popular word as it is today and it makes one question...what is modeling and where does the line start between the fantacy of modeling and real modeling?

I think it really comes down to the type of jobs and castings you are going to and from and the type of work you are booking. To me a model sells, she is like a salesman, she isn't just there to pose and look all fluke and not just a muse, but more of girl who promotes a brand, represents it, and uses what she has, whether it is her leg or her whole body and personality to represent that brand and product. It could be lingerie, it could be nail polish, it could be a couch, or a chair, but a model IS More than just a girl who has her photo taken.

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