Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Modeling saving tips for Modeling expenses

I recently wrote some Spring Tips on City Chick Magazine for welcoming Spring into your life, but also I wanted to share a few more about money saving for models.

Being a model can add up in price. Buying a portfolio $40-100 dollars and can be even more for a really really nice one that lasts. Makeup, shoes, clothing, hair products, skincare, not to mention all those little things you need for castings, auditions, and test shoots. Pantyhose!

Here are some more tips about saving the dough and looking good:

1. Instead of buying new shoes get your old ones fixed! Save yourself some money, it costs like 8 bucks to fix your shoes compared to buying ANOTHER pair. It isn't as depressing as it might sound, I always feel good when I put on my fresh cobbler fixed shoes!

2. Update your hair roots, and refresh your color, also to bring life back into your hair you can try hot oil treatment V05 has a good and cheap one, or Wella Color Fresh.

3. Donate! Your Clothing you don't wear anymore- and throw out magazines you don't read anymore. Or rip out the pages of the magazine you want to keep and make a folder, instead of having piles and piles of magazines and pieces of clothing that have been sitting for ever in your dresser.

4. You can also make a section of clothing: Meant for Photoshoots, and Meant for every day life.

5. Get some prints for your portfolio for only a few bucks at

6. Don't buy what you really Don't need. That sounds simple but honestly, do you NEED another piece of makeup? Check to see what you have before going shopping.

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