Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Modeling Green Tips: Do you need to use THAT much tissue

Here are some tips on how to be a model and how to be green.

1. Don't waste water! This is a major pet peeve for me, when you are brushing your teeth or cleaning your face with some face scrub or something, don't let the water run forever! The same goes for shaving. If you are foaming your leg, turn the water off! Then once you have shaved turn it on and rinse your blade. Trust me it might sound silly and like a little thing but it is helpful NOT to waste water.
---one day we might be fighting for it!

2. Do you need THAT much paper towel? It drives me nuts when I see girls using a whole long chunk of paper tower and then only using a little and throwing out the rest...just take what you need girls. Or just Don't use paper towels, use the air dryer in public bathrooms. Also don't don't don't use a whole wad of toliet issue if you don't need it. Honestly!

3.U sually when using creams and shower scrubs like St.Ives you squeeze until nothing else can come out...(oh gosh this is sounding sexual!) but really the next time you think there is nothing left in that bottle cut off the top of the package and you will notice there is a TON in there you wasted or could have used.

4 Quit smoking around! I know it might seem sexy but unless you are posing for a cig ad, stop smoking...Pleeeeeeeeeease/ we want you to live longer!

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