Thursday, April 17, 2008

modeling confessions: Staying motivated means having goals.

When ever I feel like a need a kick in the butt, I give myself some goals. In any business, or pursuit you have to have constant goals for constant growth. You have think all the time about whats next, and how can you attack it!

When it comes to modeling I think the same way about it. Just having your photos isn't enough. You need to market yourself, stay active, and try to book some of your own work, or even try to get a tearsheet in a magazine yourself. And managing yourself is hard, it is stressful, it might make you wonder, "what am i doing?" With a big question mark. Some days are good, some days really are still or dull. But if you give yourself goals and a plan to attain to them your pursuit and overcoming the odds and challenges along the way will be easier.

A model needs to be modeling for brands, for products. Sure just calling yourself a model might be easy but working with real brands, agencies and magazines is a whole other world.

Being realistic with yourself and trying to get in touch with brands, magazines, agencies and photographers can seem like a circle, round and round, again and again, it can make you dizzy waiting for the phone to ring, so don't wait!

Make some goals for yourself, have a purpose with your pursuits and a plan and stick to them.

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