Friday, April 25, 2008

Leg model Isobella Jade Shares a First Person Modeling Experience on

Check out this essay I wrote about leg modeling on

It went live a few minutes ago!

I hope it inspires you.

This is the start of it:

An Imperfect Model
April 25, 2008
By Isobella Jade

They yelled to the photographer, "The leg model is here!" The pressure was on.

The night before this "go-see," which is a casting call for models, I'd carefully prepared my legs, shaving them carefully, covering the scar on my knee with some foundation, and had lotioned them up about twelve times. I applied one last smear on the train ride in; by now they looked and even smelled good, like peppermint.

I was nervous because this go-see would determine whether I nailed my first job as a leg model. I'd done other types of modeling before, but this was something new. Any time I try something I've never done, I'm always a mix of nervous and excited, as well as determined to succeed.

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