Friday, April 11, 2008

It is So EASY to be a Modeling Scam

It is so sad, but so true. Being a modeling scam is so easy. All a person really needs is a computer, a web designer, some savvy writing, some marketing dollars or google ads and suddenly you are born. It is really sad and even sick to know how many modeling scams, social sites, and bullshit there is out there. But then again who is to blame?

Is it the model that falls for the modeling scam and trap?
Or is it the people who are just trying to make a buck off of your naive unknowing'ness.

What about buyer beware?

I get so sick to my stomach and head that I hurt just thinking about these modeling social sites that take your money, and reel you in with words of castings! Opportunities! Modeling jobs! And really give you a profile on a corny website that really gets you know where.

I know of this one so called modeling social site that acts as a middle man between the model or actor and the casting director and the JOB. But I find the point of paying $19- $30 a month for something I could do myself for thte cost of nothing a waste of time.

I guess if you aren't that serious about trying to get modeling and acting work and jobs and gigs, and agents and managers and opportunities then paying to call yourself a Model or actor is your way...but if you are seeking to get work. Here are some things to consider that COST nothing.

-Barnes and Noble.- I live at barnes and Noble, doing research and trying to seek out information. So spend a day in the magazine section and flip through magazines you want to be in andrealistically could be. Lifestyle, travel, beauty, fitness, etc- all types, even technology magazines or home and garnden, ALL magazines need models.

Then you can research the names and editors and address's of places to send your compcard or headshot to. Take action for yourself! Start creating your own resume by being on top of your mailings and making contacts and promoting You.

Also there is a handy book at Barnes and Noble called "The Ross Reports." ( At Borders as well.) And you can use this booklet ( $10) to find the names of casting directors and agents and modeling agencies to mail your compcard and headshot, al lthe address's are there, all the names.

You have to be persistant but finding your own way is easy and doesn't cost too much money.

Don't end up paying for things you could really just google yourself. Scams really upset me...the people who run them upset me more...I would like to say to could you really sleep well at night or at all knowing you are full of know what?

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