Monday, April 28, 2008

He just said, Magazine models needed....

I received an email today from my website. Which means the person found me by going there, since the email subject was Website request.

So I opened it and was kind of shocked by what it read:

hi there,
i am a freelance agent for a modelling firm..who sincerely
needs reputable models for a newly magazine......i saw your profile and
i felt it will be nice for you to be a part of these project....
if interested you can get back to me via my private email for details.

This is totally weird to me. I think photographers and newly magazine editors, shoudl be blunt in their first email to what the job is, what the magazine is like, -style- what the distribution is like? where can a person find this magazine?
Is this paid, if not what type of tearsheet will this be for my portfolio? What is the name of the magazine!!?

Also the word modeling is spelled wrong.

...before assuming I will email them back.

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