Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Google: a models best friend

I love google. I love it because I need it to do my job, do my dream, and make things happen. It is the best resource tool out there and I find it to be so important when it comes to knownig if something is ful lof SHHH..or actually fantastic.

Here are some tips when it comes to using google in hopes of gaining experience as a model, contacts, jobs, and meeting the right people.

1. Before you go to meet a modeling agency google them + the word "scam"- unless it is a major fashio nagency that has been around for like 100 years it is always good to know the google status of a modeling agency, social site, modeling network, ect.

2. Google photographers too. Google any names of directors, agents, photographers, studios, and brands and companies to know if the job you are applying to, the person you are planning to meet is quality.

3. Beaware of your own google ranking and results. Google can ruin and help a person, but remember being a serious model who is booking work with national brands means to have a good place on google, so stay away from signing up for anything, anywebsite, or network, that doesn't seem to be a benefit to your image.

4. Beware that google DOES grab images. Have you ever googled yourself and noticed the images, click IMAGES at the top of the screen on the left side and you will see also images of yourself from googling.

5. Remember that even when you comment on something, say in the news, on a news website...say an article about sex, or drugs, anything! It will get captured and your name will be involved with it when you are googled.

Whether you are a handbag designer, a start up, a painter, or a model, google ratings are judged. So to keep a clean record be aware that google can also hurt too. Over-all I love google. I check my google stats often and I can say that having good search ratings can mean exposure.

For example: I was recently seen in NYLON magazine for aneditorial about body part models, and I can thank google for that because when you google New York City + Body part models, or the other way- body part models + new york city. I come up in the top three results!


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