Friday, April 25, 2008

do you think i have modeling potential?

do you think i have modeling potential?

A girl on Myspace recently asked if she had modeling potential, this was my answer:

When I write I get in a roll. So don't mind my long email!

can you be model?

Modeling these days is about YOU thinking you have potential. No modeling scout or agent ever discovered me and said, " You should be a model!"
Instead I made myself one because I like modeling, I love telling a story through products and I think I am good at it, at posing, at selling a product.

I amvery involved with where I will go as a model and the type of jobs I will book. I have done this for years and promoting and marketing is my daily life!

The most important thing is HOW your Market yourself.

These days the web has made Being a MODEL too much about being sexy and taking off your clothing.
That can be modeling but to me, modeling is working with brands, it is representing a product and any person, any good looking person, with energy can model.

Recently my agent from the PARTS agency- a commmecial agency in NYC told me that next week I have a casting for a phone company, They are looking for "every day people who are attractive. " The casting event said, "NOT typical models. "

So this is what I would do.

Start looking in magazines. Not just fashion, but all types of magazines, from knitting to hair, to fitness, to travel.
Look inside and notice girls that have energy, who are using what they DO have to promote a product, or editorial.

Notice ads too. Notice products where models of all heights, colors, and shapes are used.

Everything from DOVE, to Payless, to Wal-Mart, are using models of all types.

What you need are photos that have a commercial look, -so grab a handbag, put on your favorites shoes, and jeans, and laugh and be you, and make sure your photos represent you and your energy, it is ok to smile. Not enough aspiring models smile. And for the commercial world you need too~!

Glamour modeling is fun but it is short lived, also fashion modeling is short lived too, but commercial print modeling, modeling for products and brands and every day products can be until you are 80-!

So the first step is knowing you CAN model, believing in you, because you will get a LOT of NO's in this business but you have to have the energy, and belief in your self to keep striving and promoting yourself and going after the job you want!

Right now I am trying to approach hair companies and magazines. Makeup brands and shoe companies.

Maybe you should too!

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