Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The designer of Lula Lu lingerie for petite's

"who says small isn't beautiful?"

I recently had the opportunity to shoot a few lingerie pieces of the lula lu lingerie collection and I spoke to the designer Ellen Shing and this is what she had to say about having a petite lingerie brand.

"I am petite in the sense I am 5' 2" but my bra size is 36A and it is hard to find because it is considered an "odd size" with my band back being big but my cups are small. The manufacturers all produce 36A's but I had the hardest time finding it in the stores and then I started asking some friends, who were even smaller in size than I am (i.e. 32AA, 34AA), about bra shopping and I got back so much feedback about how they hated being directed to the kid's department (these are women in their 30's!), hated going to Victoria's Secret and generally hated bra shopping because it was so frustrating. So, I guess you could say that's when I got to thinking about doing this petite lingerie business both for my own bra shopping headaches and from hearing about it from other friends."

Pretty inspiring right!

Check out her lingerie collection here, meant for petite's!

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