Monday, April 14, 2008

Casting Confessions of a Shoe model

The air whips under my dress. It is 40 degrees out. No one else in the city of NYC is wearing a dress. At least I have pantyhose on. I race for the train as the wind tries to blow me away.

I show up in my dress, freezing. Sometimes I remove my panty-hose, depending on the shoe I will have to try on. If it is a boot I can just keep my panty-hose on! But wearing the dress is important. It shows my legs. I could have worn pants or sweatpants and then changed into a dress or skirt but that wasn't on my mind at the time.

Legs and feet and hands go together. So usually I have my fingernails painted along with my toes the night or day before the casting. Usually I lube up my legs with lotion and of course I shave. If you notice, for a lot of advertisements and catalogs involving shoes, many times the hands and legs are included in the shot. Just because this casting is for shoes, it doesn't mean my other body parts won’t be considered. The outfit I wear matters.

First impressions mean a lot, so I make sure I know the style and personality of the shoe brand, before I attend the casting if possible. It is good to know the type of job you are going for,—so you can also look the part.

Visiting the showroom of Lifestride is very different than visiting Carlos Santana shoes. The clothing you should wear to
the separate places is also different.

Wearing socks when you wear boots is important, always, no questions. This might seem obvious to you, but I made that mistake once. I didn’t have socks on while wearing my tan boots and running around the city in them for hours, then I got a call for a casting. It was very embarrassing to whip off my boot and have black smudge on my calves and toes from the boot. Lesson learned.

Also, even though it might sound old school, wearing nude colored panty hose is still something you have to do in the shoe modeling world for castings sometimes. Shoe models stock up on these sorts of things.

I think about all the castings, all the offices, all the studios, showrooms, streets, buildings and the list never ends. Each one is different and when it is over I usually try to just forget about it, in hopes that in forgetting about it, not dwelling, moving on to the next casting—means I get it.

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Anonymous said...

hi! i know this is an old post, hopefully you still check in. is it possible to be 5'9 and to get hired as a foot model? i have nice feet, but i also know most foot models that get hired are between 5'4 and 5'6