Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Breaking into modeling for the first time?

Here are some quick and blunt starter tips for breaking into the modeling business for the first time:

1. Be picky about the photographers you work with.
2. You don't have to be on the casting couch or work with jerks to get ahead.
3. Be driven, do your research and like starting a business read, and google, and ask questions.
4. Focus on your photos. Your photos will sell you and help you get work. They need to represent the model and person you are and trying to be.
5. Let your photos speak: Show your diversity, show photos that look like ads and editorials. So Start studying magazines and ads.
6. Girls of all height can model and women of all ages too. Modeling is a broad word!
It can be older women and babies. There is a lot of modeling work out there but it comes in a form of commercial print modeling, where real life good looking people are needed.
7. Be positive. Think of the DOVE campaigns and places where woman of all heights and sizes are used. Think about where you DO fit into the modeling world in a realistic way.
8. Be a self server. Be able to promote yourself, and to do this you need photos. Compcards and alot of stamps!
9. Submit your photos out and don't wait for a call. Who says you can't submit your photos to the photo researchers and editors at magazines? Who says you can't submit yourself to agencies? Get on it!
10. Being discovered really means discovering yourself!

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