Thursday, April 10, 2008

Basic Modeling tips- The need of a compcard

When I am talking to non-aspiring models the compcard is an unknown thing, but then again even to aspiring models the compcard sometimes can be an unknown thing, which is why I have listed this as a post. This might sound basic but also it can be helpful.

A compcard is a postcard about 5 by 8inches which has 5 images on it usually/
a headshot. And 4 other photos on the back, sometimes models put only two photos on the back or three. It is like a mini portfolio. A quick example of the model you are...aka or want to be.

The compcard is your marketing tool. It is mailed to agents to get their attention. Usually for petites this can be a talent agency or commercial print modeling agency.
Sometimes agencies provide cards for you, sometimes a model has to make their own.
Whether making your own, or working with an agency you should be comfortable with the photos that are shown and they should represent the model you are.

Instead of being an air head try to be involved with your compcard and have a say, suggest ideas.

The compcard is needed because when an agent sends you to a casting you will leave the compcard with the casting director.

Also the compcards is something your agent needs to use to send off to their clients which would book you as a model.

A compcard is your marketing tool and you should have one with or without an agent.
Like a business card, you need to be able to have tools, physical and in print to market yourself. Not just the web. But print, actual and in your hand, which can be mailed and sent out and given out.

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